• Product of France-The distinct high quality and flavour of this specialty mustard is due to the traditional grinding of the mustard seeds with silex grindstones. 7.2oz.

  • Product of France-Edmond Fallot: Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, white wine(16.3% with sulphites), vinegar, black currant cream( blackcurrant sugar, alcohol 5.4%) salt, natural flavour, mustard seed husks, cochineal extract, sugar. 7.2oz

  • roland-dijon-mustard-extra-strong

    Extra Strong: Its rich flavor and smooth, non-gritty texture will have you believing that you too are in Europe, enjoying this mustard. A Product of France. 7oz.

  • maille-honey-dijon-mustard

    It starts with mustard seeds, either black or brown, which are soaked in verjuice (sour juice from unripened grapes), vinegar or white wine, along with special spices and herbs. 8 oz.

  • maille-whole-grain-dijon-mustard

    Maille whole grain mustard combines two traditional French recipes, whole grain mustard and Dijon mustard, to create a wonderful “old style” condiment! 7.3oz.

  • gourmet-maille-dijon-mustard

    OUT OF STOCK; A famous gourmet mustard made in the Dijon region of France by Maille (pronounced “my”), a mustard company that has been around since 1747. 7.5oz.

  • Product of France- Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, aromatic herbs, leaves of tarragon(0.9%), ppreservative: potassium metabisulfate, natural flavour of tarragon, citric acid, sugar, spices, artificial color. 7.4oz.

  • delouis-fils-whole-grain-dijon-mustard

    Moutarde a' l' Ancienne, A product of France,Moutarde a' l' Ancienne, A product of France, Old fashioned. Ingredients: mustard seed, vinegar, sea salt, naturally occuring sulfites. 7oz

  • roland-coarse-grain-dijon-mustard

    Ingredients: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, white wine, sugar, citric acid, spices, potassium metabisulfite( as a preservative). 7oz.

  • moutarde-de-dijon

    Ingredients; mustard seeds, vinegar, water, sea salt, naturally occuring sulfites. 7oz.

  • millers-mustard-mild-sweet-gluten-free-12oz

    Milder version, whether you call it mustard, sauce or hot pepper chutney, we are certain you will continue to find ways to enjoy this highly addictive product.
    12 oz.

  • Miller's: Sweet & Spicy Habanero Mustard - Net Wt. 9.5 oz. Ingredients: fresh hot peppers, distilled vinegar, raw sugar, water, sugar, #1 grade mustard seed, corn starch (non-gmo), salt, paprika, tumeric, spices, vitamin C to preserve freshness.

  • millers-mustard-hot-sweet-gluten-free-12oz

    In 2002, Mr. Miller acted upon the advice from family and friends to begin to sell his homemade mustard.
    9.6 oz.

  • millers-mustard-hot-sweet-gluten-free-143oz

    Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, raw sugar, fresh peppers, water, mustard seed, cornstarch, salt, turmeric, paprika, vitamin c (to preserve freshness), paprika extract, Gallon

  • delouis-fils-mustard-green-peppercorns

    Moutarde Forte, au Poivre Vert. A strong Mustard With Green Peppercorns, Ingredients: mustard seeds, vinegar, water, green pepper corns, sea salt. 7oz.

  • Product Of France-Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, white wine(16.7% with sulphites), vinegar, salt, mustard seed husks, sugar, spice. 7.2oz.

  • moutarde-forte-fresh-tarragon

    Moutarde Forte, a l' Estragon frais. Ingredients: mustard seeds, vinegar, water, fresh tarragon, sea salt, naturally occuring sulfites. 7oz.