Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated by weight and zip code.
When purchasing 1 perishable item there will be a $5.00 Cooler/Perishable Item Pack charge added to your cart.
This charge is for the cooler, ice and dry ice.
You are only charged $5.00 once, it doesn't matter how many coolers we use to ship your order.
Shipping is definitely more reasonable when you add a lot of perishables to your cooler!

Most orders will ship within 24 hours.

Orders received Monday through Thursday before 7am will ship the same day.
We do not ship Fridays, Saturdays or Sunday!
Perishable orders will NOT ship if the transit time will not allow it to be delivered before the weekend.
If that is the case, we will ship the following Monday.


We use 1-1/2 inch thick styrofoam coolers, with reusable ice packs and dry ice.
We know through experience that our perishable items will stay cold for 3 days.
The dry ice will keep the ice paks frozen for 2 days and the last day the ice packs will keep the cooler cool.
Some may be completely thawed, but that is intentional.

When ordering perishable foods, choose EXPRESS SAVER (3 day transit time) on the Check-Out page.
We only ship Express shipments on Mondays and Tuesdays.
We do not ship home/ground unless it it is all dry goods.
There is NO SATURDAY DELIVERIES for choosing Overnight, 2nd Day or Express (3 day) transit times!

Some areas in Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and the western areas of Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota, can only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and sometimes Wednesdays. (FedEx Ground transit time is 3 Days)

Shipping outside the United States?

We can not ship to Hawaii or Canada.
We can not ship to a A.P.O address.
We can not ship to a PO Box