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Pennsylvania Macaroni Co
2010-2012 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Penn Mac Cheese of the Month Club Penn Mac Pasta of the Month Club Family Dinners!  Includes ingredients and recipes Pittsburgh Faves Shop all of Penn Mac Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s #1 Italian Food Import Store

We stock over 5,000 specialty products and sell over 200,000 Lbs of cheese every week!
(Read more interesting facts under the history tab.)

Wine Juice will be here Friday, September 9th!
Make your own wine, we have instructions and all the supplies!
California Select- 6 Gallon Buckets
Juice List:

Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc
White Zinfandel
Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Red Zinfandel
Ruby Cabernet

Frequently Asked Questions.....

Orders ship with FedEx within 48 HOURS, when your order is received MONDAY through Thursday before 10AM.(There are a few exceptions posted below).

Shipping days at Penn Mac do NOT include Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.
Shipments to Alaska or Hawaii, must be expedited, and can NOT be shipped Ground/Home delivery!


If the State we are shipping to is...WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO, CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, UTAH or certain parts of WYOMING, NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA, COLORADO, or MONTANA and your order contains FROZEN or PERISHABLE ITEMS, we highly recommend you choose EXPRESS shipping (3-day transit time).

Please take the time to view the FedEx color coded map for transit times to your state! (Click the Ordering & Shipping Info tab in the green block to the left of this screen, and drag the page down to see the map)

Express deliveries must be placed before 8am Monday for a Thursday delivery, or 8am Tuesday for a Friday delivery.

FedEx does not deliver Express packages on Saturday's!

If the State we are shipping to is... MT, WY, CO, AZ, NM, OK, or the most western parts of TX, KS, NE, SD and ND, and your order contains FROZEN or PERISHABLE ITEMS, we can only ship on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, due to the 3 day transit time!

Perishable shipments to the above States ordered after 10am on a Wednesday will be held back, and SHIPPED on the following MONDAY.

All other States will ship MONDAY through THURSDAY, if the order is placed before 10am!

Please take the time to view the FedEx color coded map for transit times to your state! (Click the Ordering & Shipping Info tab in the green block to the left of this screen, and drag the page down to see the map)

1.) How much does shipping cost?

Once your Ship to address is added, your shipping cost will calculate. If you order 1 or 2 items(1 To 5 Lb's), shipping costs may seem extreme, go back to your cart, add a few more items,shipping will be more reasonable.....TRY IT, you will see!
In most cases the difference between 2 and 10 items may only be an additional $1.00 more in shipping costs! Most product weights are doubled to allow for packaging and ice, when shipping perishable products.

2.) Yes... you can pick up your order in our Retail Store that was placed on!

Specify the day and time for pick-up and we will deduct your shipping costs, and have it ready for you!
Orders must be placed before 10 am "Monday through Friday" for next day pick-up.
Penn Mac will send you an email, (in addition to the automatic email) confirming pick-up day and charged amount (minus shipping costs), in a separate email to you within 24 hours after your order is placed Monday through Friday!

3.) How can perishable foods ordered on-line possibly arrive in good condition?

We take special care in packaging and shipping our orders. Each order is cut or sliced, packed and prepared for shipment the day the order is scheduled to ship. We use 2 inch thick styro-foam coolers, ice packs and dry ice and pack the coolers according to the transit time involved for delivery to your home. When adding ice & dry ice there is a very fine line we do not want to cross, being careful as to prevent your food from freezing during the transit, the result will be a different texture. The last 24 hours of transit (the day it is delivered), the ice packs are on their own, and is expected to be somewhat melted because the dry ice evaporates. That is why you always have a empty paper bag in your box. Ice packs will keep the contents cool, till the shipment is delivered, and should be refrigerated immediately.

4.) Yes...You will receive an e-mail from FedEx with your tracking number on the day we ship no later than 6 pm.

5.) No...we will not include an invoice in gift packages.

We know it is a gift when the Bill-to address & name and the Ship-to address & name are different,
even if you do not request a card in the check-out.

6.) Yes... you can request a specific delivery date.

Please note: If you choose to delay your will have to look at the FedEx map under Shipping & Ordering
info located in the green block (top left) to find transit times to you state.
There are no home deliveries on Mondays, and if your order contains perishable items, we can only ship your
package on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday; if it is going to a 3 day transit state.
1 and 2 day perishable deliveries can be sent, as long as your order is sent before 10 am on a Thursday!

7.)Yes... you may request specific samplers or months when you join our Cheese of the Month Club or Pasta of the Month Club

(Some requests have been to ship every other month.)

8.) Yes... You can redeem Penn Mac Gift Cards for Internet Orders!

There are redemption instructions on the Check-Out Page.

9.) Yes... you may add products to your order that we do not have listed on our site.

(we will add that item onto our site for you the next time you order.)

You may review your order at any time by clicking on the "View Cart" in the green block to the top left of any screen!
You will be directed to the check-out page from there.

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