Pizza Sauce

  • Escalon brand, since 1944.
    Ingredients: Vine ripened tomatoes, salt and basil. More info at

  • Fully prepared, Made from fresh ripe tomatoes, corn oil, salt, spices and powdered garlic. 15oz. can

  • Fully prepared pizza sauce. Ingredients: tomatoes, corn oil, salt, spices and powdered garlic. 6 lb. 8 oz. Can

  • Ingredients: Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, a blend of extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil, salt, oregano, black pepper, granulated garlic and naturally derived citric acid. 6lb. 11oz. Can

  • full-red-pizza-sauce

    Stanislaus quality, The preferred sauce of Champion “pizzaioli”, Full Red is your assurance of extra thick and uniform consistency, naturally sweet flavor, and rich tomato red color. 6lb. 11oz. Can

  • Made in Butler, PA - Old World Style. Ingredients: Crushed tomatoes, puree, paste, water, 100% olive oil, fresh peppers, fresh onions, whole garlic, oregano, black pepper and salt. 16oz. jar

  • Ingredients: tomato puree (water, tomato paste), corn oil, imported extra virgin olive oil, salt, imported pecorino romano, spices and garlic. 15oz can

  • For the Italian Chef-Prepared Pizza Sauce
    6Lb 10oz
    Ingredients; California tomato puree and tomatoes, corn oil, salt, Imported Extra Virgin olive oil, Imported Pecorino Romano cheese, spices and garlic.

  • premium-pizza-sauce

    Ingredients: Tomato Puree (water, tomato paste), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fresh Onions, Salt, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Garlic, Beef Stock Concentrate (beef stock, natural flavors, salt, vegetable stocks, spices. 12oz.

  • Stanislaus quality, saucy chunks of ripe tomatoes simmered with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs... and because it's fully prepared, it's ready-to-use!
    6lb. 8oz. Can

  • saporito-italian-pizza-sauce

    Super heavy-Super Italian, Stanislaus quality!
    And, quite honestly-SUPER GOOD!
    While other pizza sauces are thin, leaving you wanting more, this sauce is thick and pure.
    With heavy substance and an even heavier flavor.
    6Lb. 11oz Can

  • A super-sweet, rich pizza sauce, so loaded with tomato natural sugars that the surface often glistens with transparent tomato nectar! Ingredients: Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, salt, and citric acid. 6lb. 11oz. Can