Saporito: Pizza Sauce W/ Basil


Super heavy-Super Italian, Stanislaus quality!
And, quite honestly-SUPER GOOD!
While other pizza sauces are thin, leaving you wanting more, this sauce is thick and pure.
With heavy substance and an even heavier flavor.
6Lb. 11oz Can
When it comes to crafting delectable, awe-inspiring, homemade pizzas, getting the ingredients right is the first step towards perfection.
Whether it's the flour or the pizza sauce, buying the right brand can get you started out on the right foot.
In using Saporito's Pizza Sauce, you're putting two right feet forward - giving yourself a leg up on those using other sauces.
Don't sell yourself thin with another brand!
At Penn Mac, Italian red sauce is a pizza-making ingredient that we hold in very high regard.
We want our customers to be exposed to top, authentic Italian ingredients, and that's what they're getting with the Saporito brand.
This canned pizza sauce is comprised of vine-ripened tomatoes, salt, dehydrated basil, and naturally derived citric acid.
The next time you make pizza, be sure to order Saporito sauce for superior quality!