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Pennsylvania Macaroni Co
2010-2012 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Penn Mac's Cheese of the Month Club

3 Month Club $149.00
6 Month Club $299.00
1 Year Club $599.00
You get 4 different 1/2 lb pieces of gourmet cheese, for a total of 2 lbs, delivered to your door every month!
Prices includes shipping & handling to anywhere in the United States
Standard Home/Ground deliveries only!
Excludes Hawaii & Alaska

Questions most frequently asked:

Yes... you can request a specific start date or delivery date.
Click the Special Requests or Notes bullet on the check-out page. (One of the last steps in the Check-out process)
Yes, you can pick specific Samplers
We ask that you choose the Sampler by the name or country, NOT THE MONTHS in which they ship, and we will send those specific Samplers for the next 3 months or 6 months.
A very popular requests is to ship every other month! Click the Special Requests or Notes bullet on the check-out page, and type EVERY OTHER MONTH.
Instructions for Special Requests are on the Check-Out Page. The first shipment will include a letter with all the information about the Club, including estimated time of deliveries and a list of the Samplers they will receive, even with a instruction sheet on how to best store your cheese!
Directions for adding your personalized gift message is on the check-out page. (Same place you add your Special Requests or Notes)
Remember to include the RECIPIENTS E-MAIL address when entering their SHIP TO ADDRESS, for a monthly e-mail alert from FedEx! * In rare occasions, we may have to substitute cheese due to availability.
How can cheese ordered on-line possibly arrive in good condition?
We take special care in packaging and shipping of our orders. Each Cheese is cut, packed and prepared for shipment the day the order is scheduled to ship. We use 2 inch thick styro-foam coolers, ice packs and dry ice and pack the coolers according to the transit time involved for delivery to your home. When adding ice & dry ice there is a very fine line we do not want to cross, being careful as to prevent your cheeses from freezing during the transit, the result will be a different texture. The last 24 hours of transit (the day it is delivered), the ice packs are on their own, and is expected to be somewhat melted because the dry ice evaporates. That is why you always have a empty paper bag in your box. Ice packs will keep the contents cool, till the shipment is delivered, and should be refrigerated immediately.
Shipping Info:
Orders ship with FedEx within 48 HOURS, when your order is received MONDAY through THURSDAY, before 9 am. Shipping days at Penn Mac do NOT include Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays. FedEX does NOT deliver to HOMES on MONDAYS! When your order contains perishable food, our staff will check the Fed Ex transit times to your state. We will not ship, unless we know your cheese will reach it's destination before the weekend, or in some cases Holidays! If that is the case...Perishable shipments will be held back over the weekend and shipped on the following Monday.
Fed Ex shipping map is available under the Ordering & Shipping tab, for transit times to your Ship-To State.

Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will have to ship 2 day Air, and will be a $30.00 extra fee, and will be charged in full for however many months you choose, within 24 hours of shipping the first Sampler.
(Example: 3 Month Club will be an additional $90.00, or 1 Year Club will be an additional $360.00)

List of Monthly Samplers

This list is revised every year for our repeat customers! (REVISED 7/2015)
Shipments will start and ship in the current month, of which you place the order!
Example: You place the order in April... "The Cheddar Cheese Sampler" will ship!

*Blue Cheese Sampler -(Ships in January)
English Stilton-Huntsman-Danish Blue- Domestic Gorgonzola

*A Taste of Switzerland-(Ships in February)
6 Month Gruyere-Emmanthal-Raclette-Appenzeller

*2nd Most Popular Requested (Ships in March)
Piave Vecchio-Black Diamond Cheddar-Aged Manchego-Dolce Gorgonzola

*Cheddar Cheese Sampler (Ships in April)
Carmelized Onion-Red Leicester-Farmhouse- Black Mountain

*A Taste of Spain (Ships in May)
Malvarosa-Naked Goat-San Simon-Pata Cabra

*A Taste of Holland (Ships in June)
Vlaskaas-Edam Balls-Parrano-Beemster Extra Aged

*A Taste of America (Ships in July)
Domestic Sharp Provolone-Hot Pepper-Baby Swiss- Tillamook Cheddar

*A Taste of England (Ships in August)
Gloucester W/ Onion & Chives-Sticky Toffee-Top Hat- Wensleydale W/ Cranberries

*A Taste of Ireland (Ships in September)
Dubliner-Cheddar Whiskey-Cheddar Tipperary-Erin Gold

*Most Popular Requested (Ships in October)
Stella Fontinella-5 County Cheddar-D'Affinois- Humbolt Fog

*A Taste of France (Ships in November)
Gourmandise Walnut-Old Fashioned Brie-Comte-Etorki

*A Taste of Italy (Ships in December)
Auricchio Provolone-Montegrappa-Pastore Sini-Fontina Val Dosta

Click this quick link to see pictures of all the samplers.

You may add additional items to your first shipment, but you will have to pay the shipping costs for the additional items added to shipment. We will only send the samplers for recurring months.

Click the quick links below!
Would you like to add a soppressata or a stick of pepperoni to your first shipment?

How about some Gourmet Mustarda for dipping?

Don't forget the crackers?

Did you know we sell the Samplers without having to join a Club? Click here...

3 Month Club CHEESE Sampler $149.00
Price includes 3 Months of Cheese Samplers and 3 months of shipping!

6 Month Club CHEESE Sampler $299.00
Price includes 6 Months of Cheese Samplers and 6 months of shipping!

1 Year CHEESE Sampler Club $599.00
Price includes 1 Year of Cheese Samplers and 1 Year of shipping!