Danish Cheeses

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All cheeses are cut fresh right before shipping!

All cheeses are cut fresh right before shipping!

Cheese is priced and sold by 1Lb pieces unless noted in the description (i.e. wheel, pc, loaf or ball).
When you add a 1 to you cart box you will get one 1Lb piece.
If you want two 1Lb pieces add 1 to your cart then add another 1 again.
If you add a 2 to your cart, you will receive one 2Lb piece and so on.

  • danish-catello-blue-cheese

    Made from cow's milk, blue veined, triple cream cheese is soft and creamy and easy to spread when warm.
    Hails from the land of Denmark.
    This Danish cheese is known for being pleasantly piquant.
    Lb Pc

  • danish-blue-cheese

    Made from cow's milk, a rich, gently piquant, semi-soft blue cheese. Great for salads, spreads, dips or on broiled meats. Danish Blue Cheese can also be served crumbled on salads or as a dessert cheese with fruit. Lb Pc

  • danish-fontina-cheese

    Danish Fontina is a mild, pale yellow, cow's milk cheese from Denmark. It is characterized as semi-soft to a mild and creamy texture if served warm, with a barely nutty flavor. Lb Pc

  • danish-havarti-dill-cheese

    Made from cow's milk. a table cheese that can be sliced, grilled, or melted to many dishes of your choosing. Try pairing it with a light white wine or an ale. Lb Pc

  • denmark-havarti-jalapeno-cheese

    The heat of the jalapeño peppers with the creamy, mild flavor of Havarti cheese results in a truly unique experience each and every time. Lb Pc

  • danish-havarti-cheese

    Danish Havarti, also known as Cream Havarti, is characterized by its buttery aroma and taste.
    This cow's milk cheese is typically aged about three months.
    Lb Pc