Italian Cheeses

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Cheese is priced and sold by 1 lb pieces unless noted in the description (i.e. wheel, pc, loaf or ball). When you add a 1 to you cart box you will get one 1 lb piece. If you add a 2 to your cart, you will receive one 2 lb piece and so on.

What does D.O.C. mean?

France and Italy operate a system to protect certain indigenous cheeses. It goes under the acronym D.O.C. (denominazione di origine controllata).

In 1955 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in conjunction with a consortium of cheese-makers, set out to identify suitable candidates for D.O.C. regulation. They agreed on standards of production and determined areas where cheeses in question could be made. So far 26 kinds of cheese have been given the D.O.C. classification, and more will undoubtedly follow.

Identifying and promoting indigenous cheeses in this way helps to protect them from being copied, while guaranteeing the consumer a level of quality. It also brings to the attention of the public artisan cheeses that might otherwise have become extinct.

Inspectors regularly visit the cheese-makers. If a cheese sold under D.O.C. label fails to comply with the regulations, the producer can be heavily fined and legal action may be taken. The character of an individual cheese will depend upon the grazing, the season and the skills of the cheese-maker. D.O.C. status, however, guarantees an overall standard.

  • Reginella d’Abruzzo is a six month aged pecorino and our first cheese from the region of Abruzzo. Lb Pc

  • alta-badia-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Flavorful, tasty, tangy and aromatic, makes a great table or melting cheese. Made from cow's milk and aged for 180 days.

  • aged-asiago-doc-italian-cheese

    Semi-hard, creamy and sharper than the fresh version. Aged cow's milk cheese has a nutty, medium mild flavor.

  • fresh-asiago-doc-italian-cheese

    Soft and creamy, cow's milk cheese aged for 20 to 40 days.

  • Straveccio, means=old aged. A nice grating Cow's milk cheese that is aged more than 18 months, has a bite to it, so it's perfect for sauces. Pairs well with big red wines, and it is not too salty.

  • auricchio-provolone-aged-italian-provolone

    The best SHARP Provolone in the world. Made with cows' milk, light yellow in color, it is a very smooth cheese, producing a strong aroma and offering a bold, nutty flavor.

  • Extra sharp, Aged Auricchio Provolone. If your looking for a good substitute for Caciovalle, this is perfect! Lb Pc

  • bel-paese-plain-cheese

    Bel Paese is from the Lombardy region of Italy. It is a modern, creamy, semi soft cheese and has a light, milky aroma.

  • bianco-sardo-doc-italian-cheese

    A sheep's milk, rustic pecorino from Sarania, aged in baskets for an old world flavor.

  • bra-duro-doc-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: One of many tremendously satisfying raw cow's milk cheeses from the hills and valleys of Italy. It has a superb finish that's truly hard to replicate. Bra Duro pairs best with one of the region's wines such as Gamay, Barbera, and Nebbiolo.

  • bra-tennero-doc-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK:A soft, relatively young, and incredibly tasty cow's milk cheese from the Piedmont region in Italy. Bra Tenero, a younger and softer cheese than its cousin Bra Duro, has a semi-hard texture and a dense, slightly piquant flavor.

  • brenta-italian-cheese

    Aged semi-hard cow's milk, very mellow and buttery. Brenta ages for a minimum of two months and its texture is semi-hard to hard.

  • buffalo-mozzarella-doc-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Casabianca, one of a kind Italian cheese that's always fresh. Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is delicious when used in tomato basil salad, pizza margherita and on other various Italian dishes and hors d'oeuvres.

  • Quadrello Di Bufala. Pasteurized water buffalo milk cheese from Italy. Wash Rind cheese with a soft texture.

    Type: pasteurized water buffalo milk with a semi soft texture.
    Characteristics: straw-like in color, creamy and rich with a smooth pungent taste. The washed-rind is smelly and is often green with mold.

  • boscano-tartufo-italian-cheese

    A firm, smooth and oily Pecorino cheese with white and black truffles throughout and has a nutty, sweet taste.

  • cacio-di-roma-italian-cheese

    A traditional Roman table cheese, made from young sheep's milk that balances mildness with notes of tang and sweetness.

  • caciotta-al-tartufo-itialian-cheese

    Aged about one month, a semi-soft, creamy cow/sheep's milk cheese with chips of black truffles inside. The paste is mild and gentle in flavor and texture; an original delicacy that provides an interesting balance between the truffle flavor.

  • One ball weighs anywhere from 4Lbs to 5-1/2Lbs. We will adjust your price to the weight and charge you $15.00Lb. In it's natural rind-A semi-soft Un-pastuerized cow's milk, aged for over 90 days.

  • If you're looking for a truly authentic Italian cheese, then look no further. Lb

  • OUT OF STOCK: A hard cheese that is left to age for about a year and a half. The wheels are then wrapped in chestnut leaves which transform them and enrich them with a strong, exceptional flavour. Lb Pc

  • aged-crontonese-italian-cheese

    A Sheep's milk that is firm and light. A famous Calabrian cheese, made in baskets the old fashioned way. It's aged a minimum of 9 months.

  • young-crotonese-italian-cheese

    Made in Calabria, a medium-soft textured cheese that is basket aged for 6 months!

  • fiore-sardo-doc-italian-cheese

    Semi-hard, sheep's milk aged pecorino from Sardania. It shares many characteristics with that of Parmesan, while pairing well with a good quality balsamic.

  • fontina-val-d-aosta-doc-italian-cheese

    Known as one of the best Fontina cheeses in the world. It pairs extremely well with roasted meats, truffles or a burly red wine. Has a little nose.

  • dolce-gorgonzola-doc-italian-cheese

    A Sweet, Soft and a creamy blue cheese. It's one of the most popular cheeses in Venice. Spread on bread or crackers for a truly memorable taste and experience. It's truly unbelievable!

  • goat-gorgonzola-italian-cheese

    Verde Capra, This Goat Gorgonzola cheese is a creamy smooth Italian favorite, aged for over 60 days for premium flavor. Try pairing this cheese with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Port.

  • mountain-gorgonzola-doc-italian-cheese

    From Milano, this awesome Piccante blue cheese can be used on salads or as a table cheese. The thick blue mold veins lend a wonderful sharp flavor to this cheese, and after softening at room temperature its firm but smooth bite reminiscent of a camembert.

  • Gran Cacio Etrusco is cave aged for 4 months in Lazio, Italy. During the aging process this sheep's milk cheese is rubbed with olive oil and vinegar to make a unique and rich taste with nutty notes.

  • padano-grana-doc-italian-cheese

    As a milder version of Reggiano Parmigiano, the Grana Padano is aged, dry, sharp and salty. Many enjoy Grana Padano by snacking on it with a formidable red wine or as added flavor to their favorite dishes.

  • padano-grana-grated-doc-italian-cheese

    Grated fresh for you order, making it that much easier to enjoy as a much needed addition to some of your favorite pastas and other dishes. We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • Soft ripened cow and sheep's milk cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Soft ripened cow and sheep's milk cheese from Lombardia, Italy. The addition of sheep’s milk and cream to the traditional Taleggio recipe adds richness and depth.

  • mascarpone-500g-italian-cheese

    Polenghi Brand, 57% moisture-Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, acidity corrector: citric acid. 500g

  • montasio-doc-italian-cheese

    A delicious medium-hard, unpasteurized cow's milk cheese characterized as sweet. As it ages, the cheese takes on a certain piquancy. Pair with Sauvignon Blanc for greater taste.

  • montegrappa-italian-cheese

    An aged cow's milk cheese with a sharp, nutty flavor. This centuries-old cow's milk cheese named for the imposing 5825-foot Mount Grappa mountain in Italy. The cheese is aged eight months to develop its mellow golden hue and a nutty, uniquely sweet flavor

  • reggiano-parmigiano-grated-doc-italian-cheese

    The world's greatest cheese, especially since it's grated fresh for your order. You will get the rind of the Reggiano in your shipment, use in soups, or add to your pasta water! We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • reggiano-parmigiano-doc-italian-cheese

    Unpasteurized Cow's Milk--Aged 2- 1/2 years- Export Quality! The world's greatest cheese! We sell it for less than anyone we know and we guarantee the quality!

  • D.O.C.-Aged 3 yrs, Grated and Unpastuerized. -Made in Reggio: Lb Bag

  • Aged 3 Yrs, Unpasteurized-Made in Reggio: Pale yellow or transparent orange in hue. Lb

  • Imported grated Parmesan cheese is packed exclusively for Pennsylvania Macaroni Co by Bellissimo Foods. Ingredients: Pasteurized part-skim cow's milk (cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), powdered cellulose (prevents caking), potassium sorbate. 5Lb Bag

  • OUT OF STOCK: Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano. This is made from the milk of the rare Red Cows -- Vacche Rosse (pronounced VAH-kay ROW-say) -- a historic breed of Italian cattle that were pulled back from the brink of extinction.

  • pastore-sini-cheese

    A relatively hard cheese made from sheep's milk, has a nutty taste that makes it an appealing treat on its very own.

  • Aged for more than 12 months in a basket, with a natural rind. A good table cheese with Red Wine.

  • Produced in Sogliano al Rubicone, Pecorino di Fossa began accidentally when farmers hid their treasures in caves during the Saracen pirate raids of the 12th century. Lb Pc

  • pecorino-fogile-de-noci-italian-cheese

    A hard sheeps milk cheese aged in Walnut leaves, taste great with a nice dry red wine. While aging, the wheels are wrapped in walnut leaves and rubbed daily with olive oil, imparting a tremendously satisfying flavor and hint of black walnut.

  • pecorino-ginepro-doc-italian-cheese

    Roman Mountain semi-hard. sheep's milk table cheese, aged in Juniper Berries and Balsamic Vinegar.

  • pecorino-pepato-doc-italian-cheese

    This is no ordinary sheep's milk cheese. Sicilian Pecorino Pepato works well as a grated or table cheese and has small black peppercorns throughout.

  • pecorino-pepato-grated-doc-cheese-italy

    Sicilian Pre-grated so it's super convenient for adding to your favorite dishes. A strong tasting spaghetti cheese. We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • pecorino-romano-doc-italian-cheese

    From Sardenia, Pecorino Romano is salty and firm; and works well as an ingredient because it doesn't melt into strings when it's cooked.

  • pecorino-romano-grated-doc-italian-cheese

    Grated for you convenience. From Sardenia, it's one of the worlds most important cheeses. We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • savoy-imported-grated-romano-cheese-italian

    Savoy's Romano is at the top of every gourmet's list. It's a wonderful addition to your pastas, home-made pizzas and salads. We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • sini-fulvi-pecorino-romano-doc-italian-cheese

    Genuine Sini Fulvi- Pungent and pleasantly briny, it seems to melt on the tongue. Since it is far less hard and dry than Sardinian Pecorinos, when it is grated onto hot food, the slivers blend, but does not disappear.

  • Made in Rome, Genuine Sini Fulvi has a nice depth to it. Most commonly known as a grating cheese, but Dear Heart says it could be used as a table cheese also and of all people, she knows her cheese. Lb

  • aged-pecorino-toscano-doc-italian-cheese

    Aged Tuscan sheep cheese is lactic, milky, toasty and tangy. It's not strong or sharp but it's ideal as a snack, especially alongside a little dish of Cerignola olives. The texture is between semi-firm and compact, depending on how long it was aged.

  • perlagrigia-tartufo-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Coated in a blanket of ash and herbs, Perlagrigia Tartufo cheese is the combination of fresh pasteurized cow's milk and rich black truffles.

  • aged-piave-doc-italian-cheese

    A hard, sharp cows milk cheese, aged at least 6 months. Really tasty, gives reggiano a run for money as a table cheese. Pair up with your favorite balsamic vinegar.

  • piave-vecchio-doc-italian-cheese

    Oro Tempo Stagionato, a hard Italian cheese, aged for 12 months, that is best served as a table cheese with your favorite balsamic vinegar. Add it to a rustic Italian bread for a delicious treat.

  • Seasoned for 35 days in pine wood cases, it is a washed-rind cheese that intensely concentrates the typical taste of goat's milk. Lb Pc

  • raschera-doc-italian-cheese

    A Sheep's and Cow's Milk Creamy Cheese from Piedmonte. It's matured for at least one month. It has a raw, pressed and semi hard paste. It has a fine and delicate flavour, slightly spicy and salty if well matured. The color is white or pale ivory.

  • baked-lemon-ricotta-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Sold by the Lb pc.Sweet and lemony, baked ricotta cheese is made under the supervision of the Italian government. It is made with a minimum of 80% cow's milk ricotta. If you would like a full cake, add 8 to your cart.

  • dry-soft-salata-ricotta-italian-cheese

    Sheep's Milk-Aged for at least 90 days, Salata Ricotta cheese is a tad bit salty, visibly creamy, and definitely tasty. It's the perfect cheese for your favorite Italian lasagna dish.

  • alta-langa-robiola-bosina-italian-cheese

    Especially smooth cow and sheep's milk cheese with a hint of vanilla flavor. This Alta Langa cheese is sold by one 8.5oz piece.

  • locatelli-romano-doc-italian-cheese

    The best genuine romano you can buy. Locatelli is a region in Italy, where the cheese is made from sheep milk and is a very, very sharp cheese.

  • locatelli-romano-grated-doc-italian-cheese

    The perfect alternative for those of you who don’t love grating as much as you do authentic Italian Romano cheese! We recommend grated cheeses to be kept in the freezer, for longer shelf life.

  • rustico-black-pepper-italian-cheese

    A Roman Mountain Young Pecorino with crushed black pepper. This Italian cheese is the perfect combination of spicy and creamy. It's extremely flavorful due to the peppers, but not too overwhelming.

  • rustico-red-pepper-italian-cheese

    A Roman Mountain Young Pecorino with crushed red pepper, both creamy and spicy. The creamy texture of the cheese with a balanced mix of the red pepper makes the cheese easy to use in many Italian dishes.

  • scamorza-smoked-italian-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: Allow extra time, this is a special weekly order! Package of two, Type: cow's milk with a soft texture.
    Characteristics: smoked color, dry and chewy - similar to Mozzarella and has a very distinct flavor of open fire

  • stelvio-doc-italian-cheese

    Soft and elastic with an intense aromatic flavor. Great for melting on sanwiches. Also serves as a great alternative for fondue. Made from cow's milk in the Stelvio Valley.

  • taleggio-soft-italian-cheese

    A cheese that is smear-ripened and washed-rind. While some of you may know the technical definitions of these two cheese characteristics, both simply translate to better, stronger flavor. And believe us, that couldn't be more true.

  • toma-piemontese

    A pasteurized cow's milk cheese, and has a semi-soft to firm paste feel. It's both smooth and supple with pale yellow to brownish rind. It ages for 90 days to fully develop it's medium nutty taste and texture.

  • young-pecorino-toscano-doc-italian-cheese

    It's extremely delicate and is aged and produced from fresh young sheeps milk. It's a great addition to salad based starters and appetizers.

  • trugole-alpine-italian-cheese

    Trugole was created to compete with Crucole, and we are told it is the same exact cheese! A rich, semi-soft cheese with a buttery finish. Made from cow's milk, from the Asiago Region.

  • ubriaco-italian-cheese

    A traditional cow's milk Italian cheese whose name translates to