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OUT OF STOCK As you can probably guess, butterkäse comes from Germany, and literally means “butter cheese.” Most Americans would pronounce it “butter case,” but it’s actually pronounced more like “booter-keh-zuh.”
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Butterkäse is traditionally made near the Swiss border in Germany as well as in Austria, where it is equally beloved for its creamy texture and buttery taste. It is also called damenkäse or “ladies cheese” because it is odorless and delicately flavored. Thanks to German immigrants in the area, butterkäse is made in the true Alpine tradition here in Wisconsin. It ripens in just one month, making it a young, buttery snack cheese with a mild, approachable flavor reminiscent of American Muenster. It absolutely melts in your mouth…and with a fat content of 50 percent, it is truly decadent.