Baking Misc

  • Just in for the holidays!

  • Great for cookies and baking. A combination Of Anisette and Sugar. 9oz.

  • Product of Thailand-Can be used for making cakes, ice cream, coconut jam, curries and other traditional meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes. 14 oz

  • Gelatina in fogli - Immerse the sheets in cold water for 5 minutes and squeeze before using. For use with hot foods, add the gelatin sheet directly, It will dissolve immediately. 25g

  • Nellie & Joe's: Use as an easy and delicious marinade for seafood, meat and poultry. Do not forget Nellie & Joe's Key West Lime Juice for your favorite pie. 16oz.

  • 6 Loaf Pan Molds for making cakes, tarts, and bread. Each mold makes one 8in by 2 1/2inch X 2inches. Self-standing mold needs no pan and can be baked in temperatures up to 450F in a standard oven or microwave. Made in Italy.

  • Easy to prepare, distribute on the surface of your fruit cake, guarantees the preservation of the beauty and freshness of the fruit.
    3 bags for garnish of 3 fruit cakes with a diameter of 26 cm.