Baking Fillings

  • Manufactured by American Almond Co. We repackage from the 7Lb can into a 16oz. plastic container, weighing anywhere from 3/4's of a Lb to a Lb. We will adjust your price according to the weight of the paste, and charge you $10.49 per Lb.

  • Manufactured by American Almond Co. in Brooklyn, New York.-Kosher Certified-Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, water, bitter almond oil (synthetic), potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness). 7lb Can

  • Creme De Marrons, lightly flavored with vanilla for use in your pastries or as a topping for fruit, ice cream or yogurt. Ingredients; chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, natural vanilla. 11.3 oz

  • Use in recipes for soups, sauces, roasted or grilled meats, cheesecake, or as filling for chocolate cake or buche de noel. 10.5 oz

  • La Desiderio Brand - Ready to use cooked wheat for making traditional Easter Pie. 580g

  • A delicious spread or ideal filling for tarts, dessert pies and cakes. 12oz. Made in Scotland.

  • Perishable: Poppy Butter-We repackage from the 22Lb bucket into a 16oz container weighing anywhere from a Lb to a Lb and a 1/4. We will charge you $3.79Lb and adjust the price to the weight of your container.

  • 22 Lb Bucket-Filling for danish pastry, coffee cake or stollen, made from the finest selected poppy seeds.