• OUT OF STOCK: Our best selling Instant polenta. Very rich and creamy, cooks in about 8 minutes. 13.2oz box, Product of Italy

  • OUT OF STOCK:Manitou Trading Co- No GMO'S, artificial additives, colors or ingredients. Product from Woodland Foods. Whisk 1 cup polenta in 4 cups boiling water and simmer 3 minutes. 11.5oz. Bag

  • D'Allesandro Brand, Coarse Polenta 1.75oz.

  • Bramata-This Polenta made by the Moretti Company is the true old fashioned grain. When using this Polenta the result is genuine. Not instant, it must be cooked. 17.5oz.

  • D'Allesandro Brand, White Cornmeal commonly used in Italian cooking, can be sliced, baked or fried. Serve Polenta hot and topped with maple syrup for breakfast. 1.75oz