Holland Cheeses

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Cheese is priced and sold by 1 lb pieces unless noted in the description (i.e. wheel, pc, loaf or ball). When you add a 1 to you cart box you will get one 1 lb piece. If you add a 2 to your cart, you will receive one 2 lb piece and so on.

  • extra-aged-beemster-cheese-holland

    Beemster Extra Aged cheese truly is everyone's favorite.

  • beemster-garlic-cheese-holland

    Made from Cow's milk this Creamy, soft cheese has a hint (not overwhelming) of garlic for a succulent flavor that smells as good as it taste.

  • Aged 4 months, Refreshing, sweet, smooth and full of flavor.

  • beemster-graskaas-cheese-holland

    OUT OF STOCK:Graskaas will be here soon! Rare, Extra Smooth, Spring Cow’s Milk - “This Rare Cheese, known for being the creamiest of the year, is aged for one month. The flavors are uniquely deep yet the texture remains very rich and creamy.

  • beemster-mustard-seed-cheese-holland

    OUT OF STOCK::A creamy cheese with mustard seeds throughout, pair up with a Pinot Grigio or Belgian Beer. Melt on burgers, sandwiches or in omelets.

  • Did you know...the unique blue sea clay soil of the Beemster Polder contains special minerals and therefore special grasses which makes the milk fat, softer and sweeter than any other milk in The Netherlands.

  • beemster-wasabi-cheese-holland

    Pasteurized-Cow's milk, Aged 6 weeks and has a Toasty smokiness reminiscent of campfires. Lb Pc

  • beemster-vlaskaas-cheese-holland

    Most flavorful at room temperature, one of our absolute favorite cheeses from Holland. Not quite as strong as a typical Beemster, but twice as sweet & creamy!

  • dutch-edam-cheese-holland

    This Dutch cow's milk cheese is aged for 6 months, providing for a mild & creamy taste that can't be resisted. As one of the most popular Dutch cheese's, it's adored by cheese lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Pastuerized Sheeps Milk Cheese-Aged 1 year, with a nutty yet sweet flavor, perfect for dessert. Lb Pc

  • Landana 1,000 day Gouda is the crown jewel of gouda cheeses. The small white spots in the cheese are fine mineral and protein crystals, which are the visible signs of its masterful maturation. Lb Pc.

  • aged-gouda-cheese-holland

    Holland's Aged Gouda is pleasantly mild, sufficiently creamy, and incredibly tasty!

  • OUT OF STOCK:If you like Graskaas, you will love this! Extra creamy, pasteurized cow's milk.

  • polder-blanc-dutch-gouda-goat-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: A unique variety of gouda cheese, made with goat's milk in Dutch Holland. Its characteristic mild flavor is ensured by the deliciously juicy grasslands of the Dutch Polder that the goats feed upon.

  • A mild cow's milk cheese with fresh savory garlic and basil added.

  • lb pc

    A very young gouda, aged for only 4 weeks.

  • cypress-grove-lamb-chopper-sheeps-milk-cheese

    Made in Holland for Cypress Grove Co in California. Cheese from sheep's milk aged in the Netherlands. Creamy smooth, but a firm gouda type feel. It's born to be mild, buttery in color and flavored with a long, complex finish.

  • This is very similiar to Bergumer! A semi-soft, pasteurized cow's part-skim milk cheese.

  • cypress-grove-midnight-moon-aged-goat-milk-cheese

    Goats's milk, aged for 1 year, this pale, ivory cheese is firm, dense and smooth with a slight graininess of a long-aged cheese. The flavor is nutty and brown-buttery, with prominent caramel notes.

  • parrano-gouda-parmesan-cheese-holland

    OUT OF STOCK: Originally made by Holland artisans using a old Italian recipe. It has the texture of Gouda with notes of parmesan and a mild nutty flavor. It's excellent for the table, grating and melting!

  • prima-donna-maturo-dutch-gouda-cheese

    Extra mature, unique flavor of Gouda and Parmesan cheese with a full bodied taste. Use in your soups and sauces. It also goes great with red wine.