Stuffed & Spiced Olives

  • anchovy-stuffed-olives-roland-brand

    This tasty fish finds its way into these Roland brand olives, which have been stuffed with a mild anchovy paste. 3 oz

  • anchovy-stuffed-olives

    Santa Barbara Brand, Ingredients: Olives, minced anchovy, water, sea salt, vinegar, sodium alginate. (5oz dried weight)

  • blue-cheese-stuffed-olives

    These stuffed green olives from the Santa Barbara Olive Company are hand stuffed with classic blue cheese, which gives this snack a sharp, salty flavor. 5oz.

  • Bright green olives without pits,from Sicily, taste like butter.Ingredients: Olives, water, salt. Acidulant: lactic acid. 12 oz.

  • OUT OF STOCK Ingredients: Olives, water, ascorbic acid, sea salt. 2Lb's 13.9oz.

  • Bright green olives with pits,from Sicily, taste like butter.Ingredients: Olives, water, salt. Acidulant: lactic acid. 12 oz

  • feta-cheese-stuffed-olives

    Santa Barbara Brand,Ingredients: Olives, water, feta cheese, sea salt, lactic acid. (5oz dried weight)

  • victoria-imported-gaeta-olives

    OUT OF STOCK:Victoria Brand: gaeta olives are a delicate olive from the Calabria region of Italy. Their flavor is truly unique, very similar to the taste of wine. 7oz.

  • mezzetta-garlic-stuffed-olives

    Ingredients: Olives, water, garlic, salt, lactic acid and sodium bisulfite. (Dried weight 10 oz)

  • habanero-pepper-stuffed-olives

    Santa Barbara Brand: Sevallano olives is hand stuffed with a habanero pepper to give you a hot kick and a flavor explosion. The habanero itself delivers a fruity, citrus-like flavor and a floral aroma. 5oz.

  • mezzetta-jalapeno-stuffed-olives

    Family owned since 1935, in the Napa Valley. Try this ... roll inside meatballs then cook and serve with toothpicks with your favorite sauce. Ingredients: Olives, water, jalapeno peppers, salt, lactic acid and sodium bisulfite. (Dried weight 10 oz)

  • french-nicoise-olives-roland-brand

    Roland brand: Product of France, Nicoise olives are cured in brine and packed in olive oil. They typically have a nutty, mellow flavor. 7.75oz

  • french-picholine-olives-roland-brand

    These French olives are green in color, medium in size and are torpedo shaped, similar to an almond. The olives are full-bodied and have a tart, balanced flavor, which is complimented by floral, fruity notes.7.75 oz

  • provencal-olives-hot-peppers

    Provencal olives are medium sized and have a firm texture and are green in color. They are flavored with intense hot peppers and then packed in a glass jar with water and salt to ensure freshness. 7.75oz.

  • provencal-olives-aromatic-herbs

    The famous Roland brand carries on the tradition of French olives with their delicious products including Provencal Olives with Aromatic Herbs. 7.75oz.

  • spiced-green-cracked-olives-roland-brand

    Before the curing process, olives are slit or gently bruised so that they can absorb the curing mixture better. This allows the olives to achieve maximum flavor in a shorter amount of time.11 oz