Bucatini :Pastificio deiCampi


Pastificio dei Campi- Gragnano
Our company's true wealth lies in our wheat.
Dry pasta obtained from a mixture of durum wheat flour and water from the local aquifer of Gragnano, near Naples.
The product is available in various typical shapes, created by Gragnano pasta-makersí imagination, and it has a characteristic rough surface.
Even before starting the Pastificio dei Campi project, we revolutionized the concept of producing durum wheat semolina, beginning with a redevelopment of the land where our ingredient is grown.
In an area historically devoted to the cultivation of durum wheat - Puglia - we involved local growers in the production of an extremely nutritious wheat variety, without the use of chemical fertilizers and using only traditional cultivars.
More info at www.pastificiodeicampi.it