Pomi Chopped Tomatoes


Pomi Chopped Tomatoes - 100% From Fresh Italian Tomatoes. Net Wt. 26.46 oz (750g)

Pomi Chopped Tomatoes are imported straight from Italy to ensure they receive the quality care youíve come to expect with Pomi Tomatoes. They contain no preservatives, so no worries about unknown additives. These freshly sun ripened tomatoes are chopped into delicious chunks, bringing original taste, alongside affordable cost. Our tomatoes are ideal for pizza, pasta, salads, calzones, sausage dishes, soups or any other Italian dish that you wish to enhance beyond belief. Pomi Tomatoes make a great addition to puttanesca sauce, which gives any meal an added bonus like you wouldnít believe.

One of the major benefits of Pomi Tomatoes not being canned in any way is that they donít contain BPA (Bisphenol A). This compound has been used in the manufacturing of plastics for over 50 years and can sometimes seep into the products it holds within a can, especially with foods like tomatoes. Therefore, a major upside to not using a can is avoiding the possible intake of BPA.

With that being said, we want to ensure quality and freshness with every purchase. Our guarantee with every container of Pomi Chopped Tomatoes is:

*No artificial flavor

*No preservatives

*No water added

*No citric acid

*No refrigeration needed

*No cans used