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Sliced meat is priced and sold by 1 lb packages.When you add a 2 to you cart box you will get one 2 lb package.f you add a 3 to your cart box, you will receive one 3 lb package.

We sell whole pieces under the Dried Meats/Pepperoni Tab! Isaly's Chipped Ham is under Burgh Faves!

  • sliced-daniele-bresaola

    Bresaola is a air-dried, seasoned beef that has been aged three months until it hardens and turns a dark red, purplish color. Lb Sliced

  • sliced-hot-daniele-capocollo

    Aged for a minimum of thirty days in brine before being packed into a natural or artificial casing, where it is cooked and further aged to allow the full flavor to seep into every part of the capicollo. Lb Sliced

  • sliced-daniele-capocollo-cooked-sweet

    An old fashion capocollo is sweet cooked and contains a little black pepper, while remaining very tender. It's a sausage product using a cut of meat taken from the back of the neck of pork, from which it derives its name. Lb Sliced

  • Mastro Capocollo,Extra Hot Cooked Pork Shouler Butt. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Brick cheese is a semi-soft with a slightly buttery flavor and creamy texture. Lb Sliced.

  • SLICED-Natural Marble Cheese from Troyer Cheese Co. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, enzymes and salt. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Colby Longhorn Cheese from Troyer Cheese Co. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, enzymes, annatto color and salt. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Aged 3 months- Danish Fontina is a mild, pale yellow, cow's milk cheese from Denmark. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED: Named after a Swiss village, Gruyere is an unpasteurized, semi-soft cheese. The flavor is most often described as nutty and has a slightly grainy texture. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Guggisberg baby Swiss cheese in an Amish style cheese, made in the hills of Holmes county, Ohio. Lb Sliced

  • jarlsberg-lite-sliced-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: SLICED-Type: cow's milk, hard and creamy. Characterists: hard mild-tasting, yellow in color; random large holes. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Naturally lactose free, semi-soft part skim. Mild, mellow, nutty flavor. Ingredients: Pasteurized part skim milk, culture, salt and microbial rennet. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-For lovers of authentic flavors, Los Cameros Mix Bar Cheese is your choice.
    The mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk provides a more special bouquet.
    Perfect for those who prefer a very creamy, stronger flavor.
    Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Don Juan-Product of Spain. Ingredients: Pasteurized sheeps milk, salt, culture and rennet. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Whole milk-low moisture mozzarella smoked cheese is a creamy white semi-soft cheese.
    It is a great choice for pizzas and any hot sandwiches.
    Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-McCadam Brand HOT Muenster. Gluten & lactose free. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, jalapeno peppers, salt, enzymes, annatto (color). Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-McCadam Brand Muenster. Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto (color).

  • SLICED-A family owned business located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. Ingredients: Cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes, rec and green jalapeno peppers, vinegar. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Hormel Brand-Gluten/Free-Sliced Pasteurized process cheddar and pepperoni cheese product. Lb Sliced

  • grande-sliced-provolone-cheese

    SLICED-A natural, medium-sharp, not smoked, whole milk provolone, made from pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt and enzymes. Lb Sliced

  • SLICED-Slightly pungent, goes great with Mortadella. Lb Sliced

  • Product of Spain-Dry Cured Iberico Chorizo. Made with Iberico Premium. Lb Sliced

  • A traditional Italian cold cut made from the shoulder or neck of a pig, then is dry-cured. Lb Sliced

  • sliced-daniele-sweet-dry-coppa-secca

    Dry cured Coppa Secca is a capicollo, except it isn't cooked. Almost tastes like a fine prosciutto. Lb Sliced

  • saval-sliced-lean-corn-beef

    Very tender, tasty and sliced super thin. Corned beef is made from a beef roast which is pickled by placing it in a seasoned salt brine. This slice of meat has a distinctive, cured flavor and a fine and tender texture. Lb Sliced

  • Complex, understated, and incredibly silky, Culatello is delicately sweet and smoky with notes of musk. KEY POINTS: The rare and sought-after Italian cured ham that is known for its velvety texture and refined, understated flavor. Lb Sliced

  • lberico-jamon-cured-spanish-ham

    Just like the ham shops in Barcelona, Iberico Jamon Ham has the same great flavors but delivered right to your doorstep. Acorn fed pigs make this wonderful thin sliced ham an unforgettable treat. Lb Sliced

  • jamon-serrano-ham

    Aged for 24 months, the thin slices of dark red ham have a deep, complex flavors and surprisingly mild salt levels. Lb Sliced

  • Patrick Cudahy Premium Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked Ham. More info at Lb Sliced

  • Leoncini-Product of Italy, Cooked Ham With Herbs. Known as Rosemary Ham. Lb Sliced

  • black-forest-ham

    Black Forest is a lunchmeat that both stands well on its own and goes great with other meats. In other words, it makes everything around it taste better! That's a quality that too few meats have. Lb Sliced

  • imported-pistachio-mortadella-italian-cured-sausage

    Leoncini Imported Mortadella is comprised of finely ground select cuts of pork folded together with cubes of rich jowl fat and nutty pistachio slices. Lb Sliced

  • imported-plain-mortadella-italian-cured-sausage

    Rich in flavor and suave in texture, plain mortadella is a perfect staple for any Italian sandwich. Mortadella was first created by the monks of Bologna and Modena centuries ago. Lb Sliced

  • daniele-pancetta-bacon-sliced

    Rolled bacon with herbs, One of the most widely used specialty meats for sauces and other recipes. Make a wonderful Carbonara. Ing: Pork, salt, dextrose, white wine, spices,sodium erythorbate, garlic, lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrate. Lb Sliced

  • Made from fresh pork bellies.Seasoned and is then cooked and smoked. The smoking process is done in the traditional way by exposing the cooked product to smoke which is obtained from burning beech chips (usually beech) and aromatic plants. Lb Sliced

  • daniele-pancetta-bacon-pieces

    Not Sliced-Made in the U.S.A-The Italian counterpart to bacon, is made by seasoning a pork belly side with salt and lots of pepper, curling it into a tight roll, and wrapping it in a casing to hold the shape. Itís cured, but it isnít smoked. Lb Piece

  • savoy-brand-beef-pastrami

    Savoy is a region Northwestern Italy-Pastrami is Corned Beef that has been soaked in a cold brine for several weeks then smoked, and steamed to give it's unique flavor. Lb Sliced

  • Pepperbutt (Capicola) is a type of cured Italian meat that is frequently used like a lunchmeat on sandwiches or in dishes such as pasta and antipasto.It is distinct from cured ham because, while curing, it is coated in black pepper. Lb Sliced

  • Hormel-Grande Sandwich Pepperoni, since 1891. Lb Sliced

  • Product of Italy, dried cured prosciutto-cured over 16 months and is low salt. Ingredients: pork, salt and natural flavors. Lb Sliced

  • prosciutto-di-san-daniele

    A cured Italian meat from the region of Udine. Seasoned with salt for a unique flavor. The ham is then dried and aged for a minimum of 12 months. Lb Sliced

  • imported-prosciutto-cotto-ham

    Imported prosciutto cotto ham is a true Italian tradition. Old fashioned cooked ham with natural juices has been an Italian family favorite for decades. Lb Sliced

  • sliced-daniele-domestic-prosciutto

    The curing of a ham to make Prosciutto is a year long process of salting and different temperatures. Hams are moved from room to room in the curing facility so that temperatures and humidities produce the perfect prosciutto. Lb Sliced

  • prosciutto-di-parma

    I.P.Q supervised, a cured Italian meat from the region of Parma. Prosciutto di Parma is ham that has been seasoned with salt. The ham is then dried and aged for a minimum of 10 months. Lb Sliced

  • saval-sliced-lean-roast-beef

    Only the best beef goes into this pink Roast Beef, cooked to the perfect temperature. Saval brand Lean Roast Beef is most often used in sandwiches for lunch or dinner, but this lean delicious beef is certainly not limited to just sandwiches. Lb Sliced

  • Artisan collection: Finocchiona-Gigante, dry Salame with Fennel seeds. Made with Pork raised with No Antibiotics or Hormones. Gluten Free, No MSG & Og Trans Fat per serving. Lb Sliced

  • Product of Italy: I nuovi salumi dal sapore antico. Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, milk, sugar, spices, sodium ascorbate, ascorbic acid, garlic, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, starter culture.Sold by the Lb Sliced

  • hormel-dilusso-genoa-salami

    Just about everyone was raised on this high quality Genoa with ground peppercorns. Hormel strives to continually make this the old fashioned way. Lb Sliced..

  • dry-genoa-ticini-peppered-salami

    This high quality dry Genoa is coated in coarse ground black pepper. The taste is very old fashion, spicy and sweet. Lb Sliced.

  • hormel-hard-salami

    Processed with garlic and other seasonings, cured, air-dried, and wrapped in a casing. The texture is course, dry, and harder than other types of sausage. Lb Sliced

  • Margarita Style Hot Salami- Serve by the slice as an appetizer with gourmet cheese or a fresh dip or spread will work wonders. Home made salami can also be served with cream cheese and crackers. Lb Sliced

  • margherita-hot-italian-salami-piece

    A copy of the old fashion D'Annunzio salami Margarita Style is considered to be one of the finest salamis in the world.Sold by the piece, you could cut or dice it the way you want for your favorite recipe! Lb Piece

  • mastro-calabrese-collagene-hot-sausage-sliced

    Mastro's Calabrese Collagene Hot Salami is a product of Canada. Lb Sliced

  • daniele-sopressata-genoa-salami

    Sopressata Genoa salami is every bit as authentic as the hand-cut and crafted varieties that were made centuries ago.†Sopressata salami looks more like a salami and comes with whole peppercorns, which is some of the best Genoa around. Lb Sliced

  • Manufactured by; The Alps Provision Co., Inc. Long Isalnd City, New York. 11105. Lb Sliced.

  • Manufactured by; The Alps Provision Co., Inc. Long Isalnd City, New York. 11105. Lb Sliced.

  • speck-italian-cured-meat

    Speck is an Italian cured meat made from a boned pork leg, it is cured in salt and spices. Then the meat is slow-smoked, using pine or juniper wood for several months. Lb Sliced

  • Homemade flavor and quality by Carolina Turkey. Browned in oil Turkey Breast. 0g trans fat, fully cooked. More info at: Lb Sliced