Penn Mac Monthly Clubs - Gifts that keep on giving.


  • Penn Mac's Cheese of the Month Club

    Get 4 different 1/2 lb pieces of gourmet cheese, for a total of 2 lbs, delivered to your door every month!

  • Penn Mac's Fresh Pasta of the Month Club

    All Samplers include 2lbs of Penn Mac's Fresh Pasta and 1 jar of Penn Mac's Pasta sauce.

  • Penn Mac's Ravioli of the Month Club

    All Samplers include your choice of Penn Mac's fresh ravioli and 1 jar of Penn Mac's Pasta sauce.

  • Penn Mac's 1 Year Extra Virgin Olive Oil Club

    Every 3 months, Penn Mac will ship one bottle of the BEST (including Anniversary Editions) and or the NOVELLO (which means the NEWEST HARVEST) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Club Shipping

We take special care in packaging and shipping our orders. Each order is cut or sliced, packed and prepared for shipment the day the order is scheduled to ship. We use 2-inch thick Styrofoam coolers,(or recyclable EcoMax paper based liner in a brown box), ice packs, and dry ice, and pack the coolers according to the transit time required for delivery. We are careful to prevent perishable food from freezing during transit so there is no change in texture. In the last 24 hours of transit (the day it is delivered), the dry ice evaporates and it is expected that the ice packs will become somewhat melted. We include an empty paper bag in the delivery box to handle the moisture. Upon receipt, refrigerate your order immediately.

Orders ship with FedEx within 48 HOURS, when your order is received MONDAY through THURSDAY before 9 am. Shipping days at Penn Mac do NOT include Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays. FedEx does NOT deliver to HOMES on MONDAYS! When your order contains perishable food, our staff will check the FedEx transit times to your state. We will not ship unless we know your cheese will reach its destination before the weekend, or in some cases Holidays! If that is the case...perishable shipments will be held back over the weekend and shipped on the following Monday.

How am I charged for my monthly club shipping?

If you live in an area that has FedEx Ground Delivery in 3 days or less, shipping is FREE! To see if you qualify for free shipping, check out the map below.

WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO, CALIFORNIA, NEVADA or the most western part of WYOMING- Club orders must ship via FedEx Express (3-day). Shipping charges are $50.00 for 3-month club, $100.00 for 6-month club, and $200.00 for 1 year club.

Hawaii and Alaska- Club orders must be shipped 2-day Air. Shipping fees are charged, in full, for each month of your club term within 24 hours of shipping the first club order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a specific delivery date?

Yes, you can request a specific delivery date when you order. Click the Special Requests or Notes bullet on the check-out page. (One of the last steps in the checkout process). NOTE: if you choose to delay your delivery, please refer to the FedEx delivery map below before placing your order to confirm transit times to your address. If your order contains perishable items, please read the perishable food shipping info below.

How do I give a Monthly Club as a gift?

That's easy! Enter your own billing information and the name and address of your gift recipient in the shipping information. The first shipment will include a letter with all the information about the Club, including estimated time of deliveries and a list of the Samplers they will receive. However, one thing that they will NOT receive is an invoice copy! Directions for adding your personalized gift message is on the checkout page. Remember to include the RECIPIENT'S E-MAIL address when entering their SHIP TO ADDRESS, for a monthly e-mail shipping alert from FedEx!