Ever wonder what is the difference between Olive Oil Grades

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Must be cold pressed. (No heat or chemicals are administered to extend or alter the Oil.)
Exhibits an acidity level of less than 1%.
Displays a perceptive fruitiness, and have absolutely no taste or olfactory defects.

Pure Olive Oil

A combination of Extra Virgin Oils and refined Virgin Oils.
Must have an acidity of 1.5%.

Lite Oil (Pure rectified oil)

Light-tasting or light-colored oils contain only a minute proportion, if any, of Virgin Oils.
Fact: Lite oils have the same amount of calories as all other oils. (125 per tablespoon)

Pomace Oil (Lowest Grade)

Obtained by using solvents to extract the residual oil left in Olive paste after making Virgin oil.
Used for frying and other general cooking purposes.

Green Olive Oil is an indication that the Olives were barely ripe when picked, and has a intensely fruity taste and freshness.
Yellow Olive Oil is an indication that the Olives were picked late in the season, when the Olives were black and ripe, producing a sweeter, rounder oil.