Kitchen Gadgets

  • HIC Kitchen's Potato Ricer mashes potatoes and eliminates lumps for smoother, creamier textures.

  • Mrs. Anderson's Baking Extra-fine Cheesecloth for cooking, roasting, draining, straining, sieving and fermenting.
    3 Yards

  • Food Mill processes foods and removes seeds, skins and other fibrous bulk for smoother, creamier textures with an even consistency.

  • Stainless Steel Blades.
    Slices garlic paper thin or grates garlic into paste.

  • Made from heavyweight aluminum for strength and durability; cleaning tool included.
    Easily crush garlic without transferring strong odors to hands; tackles garlic quickly, with or without the skin removed

  • Tre Spade Inox Manual Tomato Squeezer-Size 3
    Heavy duty cast iron body and auger
    Stainless steel hopper and collector.
    Our competitor sells this for $199.95.