Cheese Pairings | Cheese Knives

  • Made by Trudeau-Includes: Slate board, Acacia wood board (12-1/2in X 6in/po - 32 X1 5cm),Stainless steel cheese markers.

  • Made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel
    Set includes:
    2-Forks 5.5-inch
    2-Spoons 4.5-inch
    2-Spreaders 6-inch
    2-Tongs 4.5-inch

  • Maison du Fromage's Cheese Cleaver cuts and cubes blocks of hard cheeses.

  • Maison du Fromage's Soft Cheese Knife, with a thin sharp vented blade, won't stick to, crush, or pull soft cheeses out of shape.

  • Package comes with three different knives: one that's pronged, one that's flat and one especially made for hard cheese.
    Each have a large black stainless steel blade with non-stick coating.

  • Identify cheeses, meats, and other hors d'oeuvres
    6 white porcelain and measures 2.5

  • Maison du Fromage's Cheese Plane cuts thin, even slices of hard to semi-hard cheeses, like cheddar, parmesan, and provolone.

  • Trudeau Cheese Natural Stone Slate
    Each piece is unique with rough edges and a uneven surface, adding a rustic charm.
    Dimension/capacity: 12 1/4

  • Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.
    A jelly that at first seems almost sweet taste and then slowly dissolves in the mouth gives off the typical aroma of the best aged balsamic vinegar.

  • Pair with all cheeses, perfect for gluten free diets, substitute for crackers or bread with your cheeses.
    Sold by piece, sliced in a pie wedge, every piece has a different weight.
    We will adjust your price per Lb, and charge you $10.99Lb

  • A succulent all-natural jam bursting with the flavor of fresh, juicy Spanish figs together with lemon honey.
    With just two ingredients and no added sugar or preservatives, Mitica® Fig Jam is proof that simplicity can be sublime.

  • 4Pc Set-Mini set for creamy Brie to hard Parmesan.
    100% Stainless steel with hollow handles.
    Each one measures about 5 to 6 inches long.

  • 3Pc Set- From creamy Brie to hard Parmesan, this 100% stainless steel set will handle every type of cheese.
    Each one is about 9 to 10 inches long with hollow handles.

  • Made with fresh fruit and all natural sugar, this Frantoi Cutrera Blood Orange marmalade is like nothing else.
    It's taste is is vibrant, and with each bite you can taste the full flavor of the blood oranges.

  • Tart and sweet at the same time, this Frantoi Cutrera Pink Grapefruit Marmalade is the perfect spread for a creamy cheese or toasted baguette.
    This marmalade is made with fresh ingredients and does not contain any preservatives.

  • Product of Spain, Homemade Membrillo
    Pairs harmoniously with cheese, excellent as a dessert.
    Ingredients: Quince paste, sugar & lemon.