Deli Olives, Salads, and Veggies

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Note:These products are shipped in a Penn Mac tightly sealed 16 oz plastic container, each items weight and volume price is listed in the description.

  • Stuffed Olives

    Feta, Provolone, Sun dried Tomato, Garlic, Blue Cheese, Anchovy

  • Olives

    Alfonso, Calabrese, Castelvetrano, Morrocan Oil Cured, Sicilian, Gaeta, Nicoise, Cerignola, Greek, Kalamata

  • Deli Vegetables

    Artichokes, Roasted Red Peppers, Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Pepper Shooters, Peppadoos

  • Deli Seafood

    Anchovies, Octopus, Seafood Salad