All Trump: Flour Bleached 25Lb


HIGH GLUTEN flour, also called high-protein or bread flour, is a special type of flour used for products where you want a chewy texture and yeasty taste. Gluten is a protein in wheat that provides dough with elasticity and strength. High-gluten flour offers certain advantages when baking yeast-based breads.

High-gluten flour is specially formulated so most of the starch has been removed, leaving more protein. Traditional all-purpose flour contains about 10 to 11 g of protein per cup, while high-gluten flour has about 14 g per cup. More gluten means a higher rise and lighter texture in yeast breads. High-gluten flour usually includes some malted barley flour and vitamin C or potassium bromate. The addition of these ingredients improves the yeast's activity and the elasticity of the dough.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron, potassium bromate,thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid.
SHELF LIFE and STORAGE TEMPERATURE Flour storage area should be clean and dry. Temperature should be less than 80°F with a relative humidity of 70% or less. Under these conditions, the storage life of wheat flours is 12 months from the manufacture date. Flour is especially susceptible to insect infestation. It should be monitored regularly for evidence of insects. Flour should be stored away from walls to allow for adequate inspection (18” is recommended) and first in first out inventory control should be utilized. It should also be stored in dry areas away from materials with strong odors. MANUFACTURING CODE INFORMATION The code date is printed on one gusset (side) of the bag. The production code date format for bakery flour products is as follows: Format: 25NOV8 PC (other information) 25 = Day NOV = Month of November 8 = Year, 2018 PC = Plant Code Other information could include line number, shift, time Month abbreviations: January JAN July JUL February FEB August AUG March MAR September SEP April APR October OCT May MAY November NOV June JUN December DEC