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  • Normandy Butter-80% fat
    Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow's milk, lactic starters, salt(2%), all natural.
    7 servings per container.

  • Made with the cream from the production of Mozzarella Di Bufala cheese.
    Delitia Buffalo Milk Butter tastes best when consumed plain, on rustic bread or seasonal vegetables.

  • Product of Italy-produced with pasteurized cream, collected from Parma and Reggio Emilia family farms.
    Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, Cultures.
    83% Butter Fat.

  • Product of England, Creamy, slightly salted.
    Ingredients: Fresh Devon cream, Salt.

  • St Helen’s Farm goats’ butter is made by churning the cream in a large stainless steel vessel, which drains off the buttermilk and thickens the cream.

  • Cows graze on the green pastures in Ireland of small family farms for this one of a kind butter.
    Ingredients: Pasteurized cream, salt.
    16 servings per container.

  • NO SALT-Cows graze on the green pastures in Ireland of small family farms for this unbelievable tasting butter.
    Ingredients: Pasteurized cream. 16 servings per container.

  • plugra-unsalted-butter

    Specifically crafted to deliver consistently high-quality baked goods.
    Worth every penny through improved quality, peace of mind and reduced waste.

  • Wild Forest Products
    Ingredients: Cream, truffle pieces, infusion of black truffle salt.

  • Ingredients: Cream, White winter truffles(tuber magnatum pico), infusion of White truffle, salt.
    8 serving per container