The Olive Oil Club's first shipment will start within 48 hours excluding weekends and Holidays.
Shipments are every 3 months, for 1 year and shipping is included.
This Club is a great gift for the hard to please relative or friend!

The first shipment will include a informative letter on how the Club works and when you will receive your shipments.
Here's how it works:
Penn Mac will ship one bottle of the BEST (including Anniversary Editions) and or the NOVELLO (which means the NEWEST HARVEST) Extra Virgin Olive Oil we have!
We are always getting new Extra Virgin Oils from Spain, Italy, Greece, France and even California, so we do not know what oils we be sending till the shipment date.
Every bottle we send will be at least 12.7ozs and up to 33.8ozs.
The 4 shipments you will receive will exceed the price of the Club, so this is a great buy too!

You may add additional items to your first shipment, but you will have to pay the shipping costs for the additional items. We will only send the OLIVE OILS for recurring months.

Prices include FedEx Ground shipping & handling to anywhere in the U.S. excluding HAWAII and ALASKA.