Institution Size Tomato Products

  • All Purpose Ground Tomatoes with added extra heavy puree. California Grown. No added citric acid or preservatives. Ingredients: 100% fresh vine-ripened fresh unpeeled ground tomatoes, extra heavy tomato puree, and salt. 6Lb. 9oz. Can

  • stanislaus-ground-tomatoes

    Stanislaus Brand, made from ground unpeeled tomatoes, which means tiny pieces of tomato skin reside throughout.
    6Lb. 9oz. Can

  • Stanislaus Brand, filets (strips of peeled tomato) are a blue ribbon quality product containing approx 74 ounces of meaty pulp, compared to others at 40 ounces. 6Lb 7oz. can

  • By Stanislaus- A fully prepared sauce, the best money can buy.
    You can pass this off as homemade!
    6Lbs. 9oz

  • alta-cucina-whole-plum-tomatoes

    Stanislaus brand, whole peeled plum tomatoes are soft, sweet, tender and absolute top quality.
    6lb 7oz. Can

  • $12.49

    Bonta Fancy Tomato Paste-111oz. Can
    Made with only vine-ripened, fresh California tomatoes – nothing else is added.
    Our proprietary process and passionate attention to detail will be evident with Bontá® Tomato Paste’s superior color and flavor.

  • Made by Escalon,extra heavy puree.
    Ingredients: Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes and salt.
    6Lb.11oz. Can

  • California tomato paste, packed from fresh tomatoes.....not from concentrate.
    Ingredients: Vine ripened tomatoes and naturally derived citric acid.
    6Lb. 15oz.

  • full-red-extra-heavy-tomato-puree-best-canned

    Full Red: Extra Heavy Tomato Puree - 6Lb 11oz.

  • Stanislaus quality, subtly seasoned with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.
    It's an authentically chunky base for the hunter style sauce.
    6Lb. 7oz.Can

  • California tomato sauce, packed from fresh tomatoes.....not from concentrate.
    Ingredients: Vine ripened fresh tomatoes, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper and naturally derived citric acid.
    6Lb 9oz.

  • You can pass this on as homemade!
    Ingredients: Vine ripened tomatoes, a blend of extra virgin olive and sunflower oil, salt,onions, sugar, black pepper, basil, oregano, parsley and naturally derived citric acid. 6Lb 10oz. can

  • 1.06 Tomato Puree is an extra heavy bodied, bright red product with a rich tomato flavor that has a naturally mild sweet flavor with a Bostwick of 1.5 to 2.4CM Max.
    Pure tomato pulp, no peel, no seed.
    #10 Can

  • This popular multi-purpose Spaghetti Sauce will please you with its traditional Italian flavors.
    Enjoy as is over pasta, dress meatball subs or as a dipping sauce.

  • Stanislaus Quality
    Saporito-Filetto di Pomodoro
    Strips of Peeled Tomato.
    6Lb 6oz.

  • Stanislaus, the seal of quality. Ingredients: Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, salt and naturally derived citric acid. 6Lb 11oz. Can

  • A Stanislaus product that adds a touch of magic to la cucuna Italiana of all regions. Ingredients: fresh picked vine ripened tomatoes, salt and naturally derived citric acid.
    6Lb. 10oz. Can

  • Stanislaus Brand
    Robusto style, whole peeled tomatoes packed in a heavy rich juice with fresh basil leaf.
    6Lb 8oz Can