What you will need:
6 Gallon Juice Bucket
6 Gallon Carboy
Breather Lock and Cork
Siphon Kit

1.) Shake the 6 gallon juice bucket vigorously.
Open the bucket and pour 6 gallons of juice into the carboy.
2.) Add a little water or juice to the clear window of the airlock.
3.) Keep your empty bucket, you will use it later in the wine making process.
4.) Place the carboy in a cool basement, or someplace similiar, so it can ferment.
5.) Let it ferment until there is no more activity in the carboy.
Cork the carboy.
6.) After a couple of months, siphon the wine from the carboy, keeping the bottom of the rod at least 1-1/2" from the bottom of the carboy and suction the contents of the carboy back into the bucket.
7.) Clean the sediment out of the carboy with a hose, and throw away.
Pour the contents of the bucket back into the carboy.
If you plan to drink your wine in the first year or so, there is no need for yeast or sulfites.

*When making wine from California Wine Juice (available in the fall), your wine could be done as soon as Christmas, but most people wait till Easter.
* When making wine from Chilean Wine Juice (available every Spring), your wine could be enjoyed as soon as your 4th of July celebration or wait till Thanksgiving.