Assorted Capers

  • Mediterranean-Fancy, large capers that have a sharp piquant flavor similar to mustard or black pepper. 32oz.

  • These large capers have a sharp piquant flavor similar to mustard or black pepper.
    This flavor is developed by the vinegar and brine.

  • These Agostino Recca capers are imported from Italy and preserved in wine vinegar for an exotic taste. 3.7oz.

  • Non-pareilles capers are the smallest and most desirable variety of capers. To be considered a non-pareil, the caper cannot measure over seven millimeters. 32oz.

  • salonika-small-capers-non-pareiles-16oz

    Salonika, a locally owned Pittsburgh company located in the Strip District.
    Salonika imports and distributes these tasty non-pareilles capers.
    Salonika small capers are preserved in simple ingredients using only water, salt and vinegar.

  • capers-in-salt-roland

    These capers are greenish-gray and are between seven and eight millimeters. The salt is an important packing ingredient because it helps to bring out the natural tangy flavors of the caper. 2.65oz.

  • wild-gourmet-caperberries-roland-brand

    They grow wild throughout the Mediterranean area, have a much milder taste than capers (due to a smaller amount of acid) and also have a slight lemon flavor.15.75 oz

  • wild-gourmet-caperberries-roland-brand-in-brine

    People are often confused as to the difference between capers and caperberries. Wild caperberries are the fruit of the caper bush (capparis spinosa) while capers are simply the immature buds. 8.25oz.