Spanish Cheeses

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  • In Portuguese, Amanteigado means “buttery soft,” and that’s exactly what this cheese is—a semi-soft sheep’s milk stunner from Portugal with an utterly spoonable paste and tart, bold profile.
    Lb Pc

  • $23.99

    Aged for 3 to 4 months and rubbed with olive oil, giving it an incredible fudgy texture and relatively mild, buttery flavor.
    Lb Pc

  • campo-de-montalban-cheese

    Characterized by its three-milk blend, Campo de Montalban is a semi-firm Spanish cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain. Sheep, cow, and goat's milk - smooth like good chocolate.
    Lb Pc

  • drunken-goat-spanish-cheese

    Soaked in red wine for two or three days, this slightly sweet, pleasantly piquant Drunken Goat cheese is a Spanish crowd pleaser.
    It is aged for a total of 70 days.
    Lb Pc

  • garrotxa-spanish-cheese

    Garrotxa is a milky, delicate goat's milk cheese that goes great with wine.
    The flavor is milky and delicate with a hint of nuttiness and a clean, smooth finish.
    Lb Pc

  • idiazabal-smoked-spanish-cheese

    A handmade Hawthorn smoked, sheep's milk cheese from Spain.
    The smoking process adds additional flavor to its nutty, buttery base.
    It's got a fudge like aroma that extremely specific.
    Lb Pc

  • $20.99

    Castilla La Mancha- This “Sacred Dame” is produced using Murciana raw goat’s milk, aged a minimum of 6 months in the town of Carpio de Tajo.
    The best features of La Dama is it's full flavor (sweet and grassy) and great protein formation.
    Lb Pc

  • $21.99

    A soft-ripened goat's milk cheese produced in the mountainous region of Leon in northwestern Spain.
    Made from the pasteurized milk of Murciana goats, the brick-shaped cheese has a bloomy white rind.
    Lb Pc

  • mahon-spanish-cheese

    A kind of firm part-skim cow's milk cheese, rubbed with olive oil & paprika for a intense flavor, very pale amber, chewy texture with a nice aroma of nuts.
    Best at room temperature.
    Lb Pc

  • $16.99

    Malvarosa began as a labor of love and we think Malvarosa blows Manchego away.
    The paste is firm and far more buttery, and incredibly rich and sweet.
    Lb Pc

  • aged-manchego-cheese

    A sheep's milk cheese, aged 1 year and has a firm consistency matched with a buttery texture and distinct flavor.
    Lb Pc

  • young-manchego-cheese

    From the La Mancha region of Spain, young Manchego cheese is aged for 3 months, leaving it soft, creamy, and very tasty!
    It is a natural companion to Ibérico or Serrano ham.
    Lb Pc

  • monte-enebro-spanish-cheese

    The creamy, lemony Monte Enebro is truly one of Spain's most unique cheeses.
    A raw milk goat log coated in ash.
    It's got a very forward flavor with a pungent lingering finish.
    Lb Pc

  • patacabra-spanish-cheese

    Pungent, tangy, aromatic, washed-rind delicate cheese.
    When young, it is fruity and refined with a robust

  • pimention-rubbed-paprika-cheese

    A Semi soft slightly ripened goat's milk cheese, that's really sweet, and rubbed with roasted pimento ash. No bitter taste at the end. Lb Pc

  • Spanish Blue-Wrapped in sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), or chestnut leaves before being sent to market. The cheese has a very intense blue flavor, but is not as yellowed or as biting as its cousin Cabrales. Lb Pc

  • roncal-spanish-cheese

    A chewy texture and a pleasantly nutty flavor. A raw sheep's milk cheese with a sweet herb taste. Gets more tangy as it ages. Lb Pc

  • san-simon-spanish-cheese

    Blissfully tasty by its own standards, the creamy, buttery San Simon cheese pairs excellently with a bowl of fresh fruit. Smoked and made from cow's milk; San Simon has a creamy, buttery texture, mild but flavorful. Lb Pc

  • zamorano-spanish-cheese

    A traditional farmhouse sheeps raw milk cheese, from the Churra breed. A sweet natural rind that is very crisp and clean to the palate. Excellent with bold wines. Lb Pc