French Cheeses

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Cheese is priced and sold by 1 lb pieces unless noted in the description (i.e. wheel, pc, loaf or ball). When you add a 1 to you cart box you will get one 1 lb piece. If you add a 2 to your cart, you will receive one 2 lb piece and so on.

  • french-brie-cheese

    A soft, freshly cut cheese from the Brie region of France. If you like your cheeses creamy, this cheese is certainly dreamy. Brie is delicious when paired with bread or rustic rolls as a spread, especially when spread on fruits like apples. Lb Pc

  • brillat-savarin-triple-cream-cheese

    Triple cream, a soft cow's milk ripened cheese with 72% cream. Sold in the 500gr wheel, sometimes we will receive a different label than what is pictured. Wheel

  • chatelain-camembert-french-cheese

    Produced from pastuerized cow’s milk, it's soft and creamy and will get both crumbly and softer over time. It takes a total of 21 days to craft the maturation and aging of this delicious cheese. 8oz. Wheel

  • Chevrion® goat cheeses are recognized for their bright white color, slightly crumbly texture and mild, yet tangy flavor.
    Makes an excellent topping for salads!
    Lb Pc

  • chevrot-goat-milk-cheese

    Semi Ripened Goat's milk, with a blue flora and one of a kind pronounced flavor. 200g

  • This version is aged for two years, and the texture becomes firmer and flecked with tyrosine crystals and the flavor profile develops even further to include smoke, chocolate, and hazelnuts. Lb Pc

  • loire-valley-crottin-french-goat-cheese

    Crottin is a semi-ripened goat cheese straight from the village of Chavignol in the Loire Valley of France. The perfect ingredient for a chevre salad! 2oz Wheel.

  • fromager-d-affinois-cheese

    A double cream with a triple cream personality. Mild, soft & creamy cow's milk, with a light rind & buttery taste. Lb Pc

  • florette-goat-brie-cheese

    A lite version of D'Affinois. A soft, goat's milk cheese with a brie-like consistency. This French cheese is perfectly smooth and incredibly rich in taste and flavor. Lb Pc

  • A mild, Sheeps milk cheese with asweet flavor and a bite that is typical of sheep’s milk cheeses. Ripened by its outer fleuri, Fromager Brebis has a creamy texture. Lb Pc

  • A soft-ripened triple-cream cheese. The creamy texture results from the extra cream that is added during the cheese-making process. Lb Pc

  • epoisses-french-cheese

    Known familiarly as the cheese that runs away, Epoisses is a soft, washed-rind cow's milk cheese from the village of Epoisses in eastern France.

  • etorki-french-cheese

    Made from sheep's milk or cow's milk, and has a rich texture and nutty finish.The sheep's milk gives the cheese burnt-caramel flavor, and is available only from winter to early summer and cow milk is used for the rest of the year. Lb Pc

  • explorateur-french-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: ON HOLD FOR RECALL Explorateur is a soft, triple-crème French cheese named in honor of the US satellite, Explorer. Its rich flavor makes it a favorite in France.

  • fourme-d-ambert-french-cheese

    One of the world's best. made with raw cow's milk, mild , creamy and rich to taste. Lb Pc

  • Chevrion Brand, Product of France-Fromage de Chevre. Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, cheese cultures, basil, enzymes. 4oz

  • Product of France-Fromage de Chevre. Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, cheese cultures, enzymes, salt. 4oz Log

  • Chevrion Brand, Product of France-Fromage de Chevre. Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, cheese cultures, enzymes, salt, garlic and chives. 4oz

  • istara-ossau-iraty-cheese

    Pasteurized sheep's milk, aged for 4 months, medium-firm texture is creamy and nutty. Its rind is edible with a slightly tart taste. Lb Pc

  • istara-ptit-basque-french-cheese

    One of the premier ewe's milk cheeses in France. A wheel weighs anywhere from 1.30Lb to 1.40Lb. We will adjust your price according to the weight of the piece, and charge you $21.99 per Lb

  • leroy-cheese-with-peppercorns

    Cow's milk with peppercorns throughout. from the Pyrennees Mountains. Lb Pc

  • mimolette-cheddar-cheese

    Resembles a cantalope, recipe is from the 17th century and aged in a cave for 12 months, has a subtle fruity flavor and a mellow nutty flavor. Compliments a light red wine or fine ale. Lb Pc

  • morbier-french-cheese

    Semisoft, cow's milk cheese with a thin layer of ash in the middle. Revered for its richness in flavor and texture. Lb Pc

  • petit-munster-french-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: A cow's milk cheese that is creamy and supple with a aromatic kick. 220g

  • pont-l-eveque-french-cheese

    Petit Pont LÉvêque is one of the many popular cheeses of France - boasting a smooth texture, creamy flavor, and pungent aroma.

  • pierre-robert-french-cheese

    OUT OF STOCK: A spreadable cow's milk with 75% butterfat and triple cream consistency and robust flavor.

  • port-salut-cheese-french-cheese

    One of the milder French cow's milk cheeses. It is characterized by its orange crust, mild flavor, and sometimes pungent smell. Lb PC

  • roquefort-papillon-french-cheese

    Made in limestone caves in France and aged for 150 days on oak planks. A raw sheep's milk cheese has a piquant flavor with a smooth, creamy texture. Lb Pc

  • roquefort-societe-french-cheese

    Societe is known to produce the best variation of this tasty blue cheese. It is known as some of the most flavorful roquefort, Lb Pc

  • $25.99

    Saint Agur is a blue cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, enriched with cream, and contains 60% butterfat, qualifying it as a double-cream cheese.
    Lb Pc

  • st-andre-cheese

    St. Andre cheese is the richest and robust French cheese in Penn Mac, and is often defined as one of the most heavenly French cheeses. Lb Pc

  • Saint-Marcelin is a soft unpasteurized, mold ripened cheese that was made exclusively from goat's milk until the 13th century. Today, cow’s milk is used to make this small round, wrinkly cheese dusted with a coating of white yeast. 80g

  • st-nectaire-french-cheese

    Pressed, uncooked, cow's milk cheese that takes 3 to 8 weeks to properly age. It's salted and wrapped in cloth during the maturation process to keep it's great flavor. Pairs well with red wine. Lb Pc