Tagliolini Nest: la Molisana


la Molisana: Egg Tagliolini/Dry Pasta. Net Wt. 250g

Tagliolini is the queen of all egg pasta and is an iconic dish of traditional Italian cuisine.
A product that comes from the art of pasta making and that La Molisana reproduces in the Extra Luxury Line of the Premium segment, giving life to a very high quality and particularly tasty long pasta shape.
Made with the best stone-shelled grains and following the special bronze drawing procedure, the drying times and temperatures are the secrets that preserve this excellent Tagliolini to bring to you all the taste of good and authentic pasta, like that made at home.
An excellence by La Molisana that begins with the best grains of wheat and reaches your table, enhancing each of your dishes with superior taste.
The blue paper packaging, which evokes all the excellence of the Italian pasta tradition with unique and distinctive elements in taste and style, perfectly preserves this precious pasta and adds character and elegance to your pantry.