Make Your Own Charcuterie


Cheeses and Meats are sliced, all you have to do is roll the meat and cut the cheese (LOL) for finger food.
Enough for at least 15 people.
We even include some tips on how to make a charcuterie
This Item is shipped in a styrofoam cooler box.
Store To Car delivery will be in a Penn Mac Picture Gift Box for gift giving.

15 Items:
-1/2Lb sliced Hot Sopressata
-1/2Lb sliced Sweet Sopressata
-1/2Lb sliced Hot Cooked Capocollo
-1/2Lb sliced Milano Salami Genoa
-1/2Lb sliced Grande Provo-Nello
-1/2Lb sliced Smoked Gouda
-1/2Lb sliced Gruyere
8oz Container Ciligieni Mozzarella
9oz Nutra-Figs
6oz Bedillion Infused Honey
8oz Container Fire Roasted Tomatoes
8oz Container Sweety Pepps
8oz Container Olives
Crackers and/or Breadsticks Updated 11/2021