Yinz Burgh Gift Box


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Yinz Burgh Gift Box
This Item is shipped in a styrofoam cooler with a Penn Mac picture gift box.
Total Items: 13
Two 1-Lb Packages-ISALY'S Chipped Chopped Ham
1-16oz-ISALY'S Original BBQ Sauce
1-5oz Pittsburgh Sports Sauce
1-4oz Pittsburgh Rub
2-Dozen-PIEROGIES PLUS Potato/Cheese Pierogies
12oz-Jag Off Barbeque Sauce
1-5Lb Ricci's Brand Hot Sausage
1-32oz Penn Mac's Sweet Pepper Sauce
1-25.5oz Oliverio Medium/Hot Peppers in sauce
2-3Pc Packs Pittsburgh Rub's Beef Sticks

Everything from the Burgh! This will take you down memory lane!
All items originated in The Burgh, or can only be bought in The Burgh!
Perfect gift for anyone who lived in Pittsburgh and misses home, and the foods they remember from their childhood.
Updated 07/22