Mozzarella Curd:Grande 10Lb


10Lb Bag-Most of us have loads of fun getting together with family or friends and cooking up a good ole homemade pizza. From buying the ingredients at your local Italian food imports store to pulling the pie out of the oven, there's nothing quite like emulating Italian cooking. Did you know, though, that you can make your own cheese, too? With our Mozzarella curd, you can make your very own grated cheese for topping your homemade pizzas! Pretty cool, huh?


Very cool, actually. The more involved the process is, the greater sense of pride you get in doing the cooking! There's no feeling like the one you get from knowing that you cooked something from less than scratch. That's the kind of feeling that making your own Mozzarella cheese topping for a homemade pizza will give you. Not to mention, homemade Mozzarella tastes amazing (especially when it's made from the Mozzarella curd we sell)!

Luckily, for us and you, we've had some great customers over the years provide us with great recipes and tips for dealing with certain ingredients. Once you purchase your Mozzarella curd, head on over to our 'Recipes' section and learn how to make fresh mozzarella cheese. Pay special attention to Linda's tip at the end (as it refers specifically to this curd). If you have your own recipe, that's great, too! We'd love to hear from you! Get that curd and get started!

It is recommended that you separate into useable portions and tightly wrap or seal and store in the freezer.
Refrigerated curd will last about 18 days.
10Lb Bag INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized whole milk, vinegar and rennet.