Feta Cheese Olive:SBOC


The history of feta cheese is steeped in mystery and a fair amount of debate. According to most accounts you can find, feta cheese goes far back into Greek history. Homer in his Odyssey even wrote about the Cyclops monster accidentally making feta when he carried sheep milk in an animal skin bag only to discover days later that the milk had become solid. But this is where the controversy begins. Many people say that the process described in the Odyssey sounds more like the making of Sicilian cheeses rather than feta cheese, which is a brined cheese. Furthermore, the word “feta” does not exist in classical Greek and actually comes from the Italian language.

No matter which side you choose to believe, we have wonderful feta cheese stuffed olives, which tastefully combine the best of Italian and Greek culture and cuisine! Feta and olives is a classic flavor combination that has been used for ages, so it’s no wonder that these are one of the Santa Barbara Olive Company’s best selling products. These olives combine the tangy salty flavor of feta with beautifully large green olives. They are the perfect topping for a Greek salad or you can simply snack on them by the handful.