Blue Cheese Olives: SBOC


Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Blue cheese or bleu cheese? Simply put, bleu is simply the French spelling and blue is the English spelling.

5oz. Dried Weight Glass

It seems that the origins of different types of cheese are steeped in myth. According to legend, blue cheese was created by accident. Long ago, cheese was made by allowing it to age in cool caves. But this time, the cheese maker accidentally left the cheese inside a moldy cave for too long. After a while the cheese developed a bluish-green mold that appeared in streaks (or as we call them today, veins) and instead of spoiling the cheese, this mold gave the cheese the pungent and distinctive flavor that we associate with modern day blue cheese. Today, blue cheese is made by using either the legendary technique of cave aging or by injecting mold spores into the cheese.

One of the greatest ways to use blue cheese is as a complimentary ingredient to olives! These stuffed green olives from the Santa Barbara Olive Company are hand stuffed with classic blue cheese, which gives this snack a sharp, salty flavor. As with any blue cheese stuffed olive, they are the perfect garnish for a dirty martini. Another popular suggestion is to serve them as a simple appetizer along with some warm, crusty bread and a bottle of red wine.