Gherkins Cornichons : Roland


The French call them cornichons and the English call them gherkins.
Either way these Roland Cornichons Gherkins are simply small pickle cucumbers.
They are made in the French style in India.

Gherkins are picked before they are fully grown to ensure their small size. After being picked, they are pickled in a light brine of water and salt. Following pickling, they are packed with aged white wine vinegar along with other flavorings including white onions, mustard seeds and tarragon. The final product is a pickled cucumber that has a refreshingly tart taste and fresh, crisp texture; perfect for just popping in your mouth and enjoying!

There are so many ways to eat these gherkins. They are frequently used in European cuisine, often served alongside cheese fondue. Even if you aren’t making such a fancy meal as cheese fondue, the gherkins compliment any cheese or charcuterie platter very well. Another way to enjoy these gherkins is to chop them up and mix them in with a salad or devilled eggs. Or you can simply place them on a sandwich; they are an excellent accompaniment to cold meats. And don’t forget that they hold up well under heat so don’t be afraid to cook with them!