Antipasto Italian: Polli


Our Polli Brand Italian Antipasto, comprised predominantly of vegetables with tuna in tomato sauce, is a great appetizer for any get-together or send-off party. It is jarred in a 7oz. container with peeled tomatoes, wine vinegar, sunflower oil, gherkins, artichokes, peppers, cauliflower, olives, onions, mushrooms, capers, salt, and other spices.

The culmination of the wide variety of flavors in this Italian Antipasto provide for a natural, healthy, and rather delectable treat. Like other antipastos, it goes particularly well with wine and bread – most frequently used as a light snack in the mid-afternoon or evening. Other options include making a full meal of it, or using it to liven up an otherwise dull meal. Don’t let the term “antipasto” limit your usage! “Before the meal” is only a guideline. Use it whenever!

One of the great things about vegetables with tuna is the aroma (if you like the smell of tuna, that is). Tuna lovers will find that the mix of vegetables and tomato sauce add an extra element to the already vivacious taste of tuna. The Polli Brand is made in Italy and comes out of the jar ready for consumption. If you have cats that are jumpers, you’ll want to make sure you keep this stuff in a safe place!