Fruit Vinegars

  • Imported from Italy and aged to perfection.
    Crafted from the must of trebbiano grapes.
    Ingredients: Grape must, wine vinegar, and blood orange essence.

  • Normandy Cider Vinegar-It's round & fruity-tart aromas are perfect for salads, fresh vegetables, seafood and to cook poultry or fish.

  • Estragon-Infused with fresh tarragon, this is a delicious addition to poultry, seafood or vinaigrettes.
    With a great personality, this vinegar brings a fresh aromatic touch to all vinaigrettes.

  • acetaia-f.lli.-gorrieri-fig-balsamic-vinegar

    Acetaia Gorrieri fig flavored balsamic vinegar ages for twenty five years.
    Figs are added while aging, giving this an intense flavor of figs.

  • vincotto-fig-balsamic-vinegar

    Since 1825, Real Balsamic vinegar aged in oak barrels with heaps of figs, producing a deep and fruity flavor.
    .Ingredients: Cooked grape musts and vinegar of Negroamaro and malvasia grapes and figs.

  • vincotto-lemon-balsamic-vinegar

    Vincotto ages vinegar with lemon in oak barrels to produce a deep, nuanced vinegar.
    A rich, versatile, smooth vinegar, use on grilled meats, fish, salads and sorbets.

  • No added sugar-A rich, versatile, smooth condiment, aged in oak barrels.
    Use on game, fruit salads, chocolates and ice cream.

  • Product of Italy
    The taste of Modena with a piquant twist.
    Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar of Modena, hot Italian pepper paste, salt, sulfur dioxide (as a preservative).

  • Product of Italy-Made with Balsamic vinegar of Modena.
    Matured in wooden casks, using a time honored process.
    Try it in salad dressings, marinades and sauces, or sprinkle on grilled vegetables or fresh fruits.
    8.45 oz.

  • vincotto-raspberry-balsamic-vinegar

    Vincotto Balsamic aged with raspberries is a rich, versatile, smooth vinegar, aged in oak barrels.
    Use on meats, fish, salads, fruit sorbets, spinach salad and ice cream.