Provencal w/ Hot Pepper: Roland


Roland Provencal Olives with Hot Pepper
These Roland brand French olives are from the Provence region of France, which boasts a warm and dry Mediterranean climate, perfect for growing delicious olives.
This particular Roland product from the Provencal olives category features medium sized olives that have a firm texture and are green in color.
They are flavored with intense hot peppers and then packed in a glass jar with water and salt to ensure freshness.

If you like your olives to come with some kick, this is the olive for you. The heat of the pepper compliments the savory crunch of the olive making this treat a great choice. Try serving them as an “as is” ingredient in your favorite salads for a dish that is no trouble to create. Or keep with the southern France tradition and use these Provencal olives to make a tapenade, the famous dish from this region made of finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil.