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Cheese of the Month

Monthly Sampler List

This list is revised every year for our repeat customers! (REVISED 7/2017)

NOTE: Your first shipment will contain the sampler for the month in which you place your order.

*A Taste of France (Ships in January)
60% Creamy Brie-Leroy w/Peppercorns-Morbier-St. Nectaire

*2nd Most Popular Requested (Ships in February)
Beemster Extra Aged-Black Diamond Cheddar-Stella Asiago- Danish Blue

*A Taste of Ireland (Ships in March)
Blue Cashel-Kerry Gold-Cahill Porter-Erin Gold

*A Taste of England (Ships in April)
Red Leicester-Applewood-Sage Derby- Stilton w/Fruit

*Around The World (Ships in May)
Argentina Reggianito-Australian Cheddar-Mexico's Chihuahua-Norwegian Jarlsburg Swiss

*A Taste of Switzerland (Ships in June)
6 Month Gruyere-Emmanthal-Raclette-Appenzeller

*A Taste of Holland/Dutch (Ships in July)
Young Gouda-1000 Day Gouda-Lerrdammer- Prima Donna

*A Taste of Spain (Ships in August)
Spanish Blue-Campo de Montalban-Young Mahon-Zamorano

*Denmark Sampler (Ships in September)
Danish Blue-Fontina-Havarti Cream-Herb Havarti

*A Taste of America (Ships in October)
Aged Brick-McCadam Sharp-Park Super Sharp Provolone-Swiss Baby Guggisberg

*Most Popular Requested (Ships in November)
6 Month Piave-Stella Fontinella-Vaskaas-Welsh Cheddar

*A Taste of Italy (Ships in December)
Fresh Asiago-Brenta Stagionato-Caciotta al Tartufo- Aged Piave

Sometimes we may have to substitute cheeses, due to availability.