Muffuletta: Roland


Roland brand-Olive Salad Mix is the perfect addition to any sandwich or snack.
It's the key component to the famous New Orleans style Muffuletta sandwich.
New Orleans has been influenced by Italian cuisine since the 1880s.
One of the most famous foods of New Orleans Italian cuisine is the muffuletta sandwich.
According to legend, Signor Lupo Salvadore, who owned a small Italian market in the French Quarter at the beginning of the 1900s, invented this famous sandwich.

Muffuletta is not true muffuletta without the traditional olive salad mix. Penn Mac offers Roland brand olive salad mix so you can make your own Italian style muffuletta sandwich without having to travel south! This olive salad mix is made with flavor-packed, quality ingredients like green olives, pepperoncini and red bell peppers and seasoned with garlic, salt and other spices.

To make your own traditional New Orleans style muffuletta sandwich you’ll need a loaf of Sicilian sesame bread, though any Italian bread loaf will work. Split the loaf and spread both halves with this Roland olive salad. Then top the bottom half with ham, Genoa salami, mortadella, mozzarella and provolone. Cover with the top half and enjoy!

You can also make delicious appetizers with this olive spread. One mouth-watering suggestion is to spread the olive mix on toasted ciabatta garlic bread with melted provolone cheese.