Baccala Boneless (Cod) 1pc


Sold by the piece and weighs anywhere from 1 1/2Lbs to 2 Lbs. We will weigh your baccala and adjust your charge amount to $11.99Lb. One thing that we value at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company is our dedication to bringing you, the customer, foods that are actually eaten in Italian cuisine. And if not the foods, the ingredients. On a regular basis, we're able to surprise customers by having something that they might not have initially expected. Our Dried Boneless Baccala (Cod)is no exception. We'll be the first to tell you - this stuff is beyond scrumptious!

Traditionally, Italians have a real passion for eating baked cod. We're confident that you'll find the same to be true once you give our dried boneless baccala a try. If you're a seafood lover, there's really no need to hesitate. You'll fall in love on the first bite! If you're curious as to how to best cook the cod, consider baking it and coating it with breadcrumbs - just like a true Italian! There are plenty of great recipes out there to get you started. You do need to prepare the fish, though, before baking. Read on for more information.

Preparing the Baccala: Once you receive (or pick up) the cod, you'll want to soak it in cold water for around three days. During this time period, it's best to switch the water twice per day (to keep things fresh). This process helps to release the salt before baking.

The listed price reflects that of a 2 lb piece of dried boneless cod. There are times, however, when the fish weighs more or less than 2 lb, in which case we will adjust the price accordingly. Please note: We do this so that we can avoid ripping the fish. Thanks!