Wine & Cheese Pairing: Kremstal with Cacio de Roma

by Leslie Stauffer on May 11, 2012

Kremstal with Cacio de Roma

Cacio de Roma means “cheese of Rome”. It is made from sheep’s milk and has a warm finish. Its texture is similar to Machego, firm but not dry. Cacio de Roma is placed in sea salt for 24 hours and then aged in cellars for thirty days. Once finished aging, the sheep’s milk cheese has a mild balanced flavor with a hint of fruit. This wonderful sheep’s milk cheese goes well accompanied with other cheeses on a cheese board surrounded by fresh fruit and nuts. Cacio de Roma melts well, making it a brilliant addition to a Panini, pizza or shredded on top of your favorite pasta dish.

Producer: E & M Berger; Kremstal, Austria

Image Provided by Dreadnought Wine

1 Litre bottle! Bright, herbaceous, clean and so very very versatile.
Keep one in your fridge for last minute dinner guests, or for yourself.
It goes with anything–spicy food, fried food, or no food at all!

Thank you Dreadnought Wines

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