Old Fashioned French Brie 60% Cream

by Missy Sunseri on April 6, 2012

Old Fashioned French Brie 60% Cream

60% Cream French Brie is a soft ripened cheese that has a crust that is thin, white and velvety. Once the Old Fashioned French Brie with 60 % Cream is cut the ripening process is complete and should be enjoyed as soon as possible. Thinking that the Brie will continue to ripen in the refrigerator will result in a very hard inedible piece of cheese that should be discarded. But on the other end of the cheese texture spectrum, you do not want to purchase 60% Brie that is overly ripe which makes it runny and has an unmistakable odor of ammonia. A ripe French Brie with bulge and look like it’s able to run but never turns into a liquid.  As a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, Brie is a type of cheese that you can allow to ripen or not ripen depending on your palate. Brie is very delicious baked with lavender honey drizzled on top. The French Brie will ooze a little but do not allow it to melt. Serve with Fresh Seasonal Fruit and an assortment of crackers!


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