Celebrating Wild Boar Festival

by Travis Loncar on December 8, 2011

If you, like us, have roots that extend to the beautiful, boot-shaped peninsula in southernmost Europe (sometimes called Italy), there’s a chance that you’ve heard of the Wild Boar Festival. This festival, celebrated annually from the last days of November to December 8 (yes, that’s today!) in the Tuscan town of Suvereto, pays homage to the town’s medieval history and its people’s relentless appetites. So, what all does this Italian holiday entail? Well, I wouldn’t want to “boar” you by delaying any longer, so let’s take a look!

wild boar festival

Source: http://www.wildlife-imaging.co.uk/

While I’ve never personally been to Suvereto (let alone during this time of year), I imagine that the atmosphere for the Wild Boar Festival is similar to that of the LARP grounds in the movie, Role Models. First of all, if you’ve never seen it, you probably should – the plot provides for life lessons and plenty of ensuing hilarity. Anyways, without sounding the spoiler alert, I can at the very least show you a picture of what I’m referring to, below. Men, women, and children dressed in medieval garb and playing medieval games. While it doesn’t exactly scream “Happy Holidays!” to us Americans, it certainly brings about wishful thinking. Playing “pin the sword on the knight’s shoulder” sounds like fun to me! Not to mention, in the town of Suvereto, it’s a true representation and celebration of a past culture.


Source: http://mimg.ugo.com/

Oh, and then there’s the food! On the final day of the Festival (which just so happens to be today), the grand feast commences, leaving plates empty and stomachs full. The main dish? Wild boar, of course! For this meat, there’s no better occasion! Attendees indulge in a meal complimented by olive oil, select Tuscan honey, and a glass or two (or three) of wine! Put simply, it’s one heck of a time for both young and old, and a great precursor to the Christmas season (celebrated between December 24 – January 6 in Italy). Tis the season to be full and full-hearted!

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