Wine & Cheese Pairings: Pastore Sini & Soave

by Travis Loncar on October 27, 2011

A contribution from our friends at Dreadnought Wines.

Cheese: Pastore Sini

Pastore Sini is a pasteurized, aged Sheep’s milk that comes from the Region of Italy known as Lazio. Aged for 3 months, this cheese has a semi-hard texture with a nutty yet sweet finish. The flavor is not overwhelming, Pastore Sini would pair well with a strong mustard and a rye cracker to accompany your next cheese plate. Pastore Sini is considered a Pecorino because it is an aged sheep’s milk from Italy but Pecorino is used for grating and Pastore Sini is a young aged cheese that’s flavor is too wonderful to grate, it must be used for snacking! Pick it up today from our online store!

pastore sine and soave

Wine: Nardello Soave Meridies 2009

Soave is a fabulous dry Italian white wine that couples nicely with Pastori Sini. Hailing from the city of Verona, Italy, its color can best be described as a straw yellow (sometimes even appearing to be a light green). Soave is often referred to as a wine of distinct perfumes and a bitter, almond-like taste. It gained considerable popularity in the United States around the end of World War II and sustained this popularity into the 70′s, holding the top market share for Italian DOC wines (ahead of Chianti). Although it was eventually surpassed by newer wines, it remains a favorite in the US. For those of you grape infatuates out there, Soave typically consists of garganega and trebbiano grapes. Get your hands on a bottle today from Dreadnought Wines!

soave wine

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