What is the Difference Between Fontina & Fontinella Cheese?

by Leslie Stauffer on September 12, 2011

fontina cheese

Fontinella Cheese

This question is asked by numerous people throughout the day at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company’s Cheese counter. There are many different answers which include “One is from Italy, the other is produced in the United States.” Well the truth of the matter is Fontinella Cheese is a fairly “new” cheese that is produced in the United States. It is a semi-hard, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese produced by Saputo Cheese USA Inc. in Lincolnshire, Illinois. It is an aged cheese of 2 month and is encased in a wax protecting the Fontinella Cheese inside. Fontinella is used for snacking and goes well with your favorite type of cracker. If you are having a dinner party, Fontinella would be a wonderful addition to any fruit and nut plate.

Fontina Cheese

True Fontina Cheese comes from the Val d Aosta in the Italian Alps which can be located in Northern Italy. Fontina is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, the cow’s which the cheese is made from are highly controlled and they only graze on the alpine grass and herbs within the Val d Aosta Area. Fontina Cheese has been around for almost 500 years and has not changed much since the first production. Four months is how long Fontina is aged. This cheese has a mild, sweet nutty flavor. You can eat Fontina by itself or the cheese melts wonderfully and does not get a stringy texture. It is perfect for making fonduta, the Italian equivalent of Swiss Cheese Fondue.

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