Wine & Cheese Pairings: Casera & Rondiento Montepulciana d’Abruzzao

by Leslie Stauffer on August 21, 2011

A contribution from our friends at Dreadnought Wines.

Cheese: Casera Italian Cheese

Casera is a firm yet flavorful Italian Cheese. Produced from cow’s milk, it was first mentioned in diaries that date back to the 15th century in the providence of Sondrio. Casera cheese is made by semi-skimmed cow’s milk which is then semi-cooked to produce a rind that will encase the firm texture cheese.

From the Valtellina in northern Lombardy is where Casera is produced. Known as a DOP cheese, the feed for the cows is strictly monitored and regulated. At the start of the production, Casera is a pale yellow but the more it is aged “stagionata” over 6 months the darker the
cheese will become. Casera, when young is aged 2 -5 months and has a delicate, sweet flavour. When more “stagionata” the flavour becomes more intense with a distinct bite.

Casera Italian Cheese

Traditionally, Casera is often eaten with polenta or in homemade buckwheat pasta. It often is paired with a red wine and served at room temperature. It can also pair well in a summer salad and is excellent when eaten alone. It’s best enjoyed within 3-4 weeks but keep in mind it will continue to age and the flavor with intensify. Casera gets dry the more it ages, do not be alarmed just grate over your favorite pasta dish or grate on Italian bread and bake.

Wine: Rondiento Montepulciana d’Abruzzao

Rondiento Montepulciana d’Abruzzao comes from Fattoria Giuseppe Savini. Fattoria Giuseppe Savini has produced excellent wine from Teramo for sixty years.

Rondiento Montepulciana d’Abruzzao is made from Montepulciano grapes that are collected mid-October, and then fermented in stainless steel tanks. This ruby red wine is light on the edge, but is intense on the note. It’s backed by the essence of forest fruits and violets. Rondiento Montepulciana d’Abruzzao is round on the palate, fresh tasting and has a good balance. It finishes fruity. It pairs well with meat sauces and meat main dishes, as well as mild, buttery cheeses.

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