Wine & Cheese Pairings: Montegrappa Italian Cheese & La Montecchia Godimondo

by Leslie Stauffer on August 29, 2011

A contribution from our friends at Dreadnought Wines.

Cheese: Montegrappa Italian Cheese

Origin: Italy

Type: Cows Milk

Montegrappa is an aged Italian cheese from the region of Northern Italy called Veneto. The semi hard cow’s milk cheese is named after a local mountain called Mount Grappa. This gourmet cheese comes in a 25 pound wheel and is known to be dense, with a natural rind. The interior is an off white color but is known to be somewhat dry. Monetgrappa is aged for 8 months which enhances it with a nutty, sweet flavor. Many people say that Monetgrappa is a delightful addition to any fondue dish. Montegrappa will last up to 21 days in the refrigerator if wrapped completely in plastic wrap.


Montegrappa &  La Montecchia Godimond

Wine: La Montecchia Godimond

La Montecchia is a historical estate in the Veneto region owned by Count Umberto Emo Capodilista and his son Giordano. Since the Middle Ages this estate has studied grapes. Count Umberto and his son continue this study, and their deep understanding of grapes is present in their internationally acclaimed wines. While they emphasize on Merlot and Cabernet varieties, local grapes also inspire their senses.

This La Montecchia Godimondo is a bright ruby red color. It lingers on the tongue, with a fruit boquet that hints of mulberry, bilberry and spice. Full bodied and affable, it is also said to be a force on the palate. This Veneto red is perfect for any course. Served chilled it pairs well with fish, but it truly benefits from presentation along with a meat entrée.

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